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Installation Tips and Tricks

Professional Tips & Techniques for the Proper Inflation of Cold-Air Inflatable Balloons

Whether you're a seasoned installer or you've bought your first cold-air inflatable and need a few pointers, you're in the right place. Landmark inflatables come complete with tethers and appropriate blower. Putting them all together for a successful installation is easier than you might think!

How to Set Up & Take Down Truck Bed Parade Floats

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

truck parade float top view2 1024x614How to Set Up a Cold-Air Inflatable Inside a Truck Bed

 It’s becoming more common to haul cold-air inflatables via truck at local parades. Not only do parade inflatables attract attention and generate buzz for organizations and local businesses, but they're also are easy to set up, manage, and takedown. The information below was put together to help you pull off a successful parade float using cold-air inflatables.

Rooftop Installations of Custom Inflatables

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CC's Inflatable Coffee Cup on Rooftop

The Professional's How-to Guide for Rooftop Installations of Inflatables

Rooftop installations of cold-air inflatables are not something to be taken lightly. They are not the same as helium rooftop installations or ground installations. Because of the sheer height involved and the special considerations a rooftop installation entails, you'll need to be extra cautious.  This article will outline the necessary steps for rooftop installations. However, if you own an inflatable or are thinking of buying one, I strongly suggest you hire a professional to conduct at least your first install. 

Using Ground Stakes for Advertising Inflatables

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

Ground Stake

Proper Staking Techniques for Ground Installations

Staking cold-air inflatables down for ground installations is an important part of a successful setup. While it may seem like an easy enough task, there are a lot of factors to be considered: Which stakes are best? Are there utility lines buried at your site? Are the weather conditions windy? Will the inflatable be safe from vandalism?

The Pros and Cons of Ropes and Tethers for Giant Inflatables

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

Tethered Inflatable

If you've been around inflatables for long at all, you know giant cold-air and sealed inflatables need some apparatus to hold them upright.  Because of their height and other physical attributes, these types of inflatables require stabilization.  In addition, if used outdoors on sidewalks or rooftops, cold-air and sealed inflatables have to have a way to battle back against the elements.  

Learn to Repack Advertising Inflatables Like the Pros

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

Repacking Inflatable HeadDress

Learn the Easy Way to Properly Pack Your Advertising Inflatables

Once you take sheets out of their plastic bag or electronics out of all that Styrofoam, they never want to go back in!  Some have said the same thing about advertising inflatables.  If you promise not to tell, we'll share our finely tuned packing process with you so you, too, can repackage your inflatables with ease.

Getting Your Advertising Balloon To Stand

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

lottoball on site

Even A Girl Can Do It:  My Advertising Balloon Installation Adventure

Often when people call Landmark they ask how difficult inflatables are to set up. We usually tell them that basic advertising balloon installations require one to two people. Now, I'm not a large woman and I was able to do these setups and takedowns with minimum assistance.

Bringing Your Inflatable Costume to Life

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

izzy costumeEasy to Use and Comfortable to Wear, Inflatable Costumes Bring Energy and Life to Events

They swing.  They sway.  They walk up and hug you!  Most people are familiar with cold-air inflatables that are tethered to the ground.  Many are also familiar with newer dynamic inflatables that are still tethered, but can flap and wiggle in the wind.  Making their way up on the popularity list are inflatable costumes.  What's the difference?  Inflatable costumes let your character move around freely wherever he wants.

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