Giant Custom Inflatable Boosts Brand Awareness at Sporting Events

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Custom Inflatable "Diamond Ring" Brings Glamour to Football Games

As owner of Van Atkins Jewelers, Chuck Cooper is passionate about fine jewelry. And as an alumnus of Ole Miss, he's also passionate about football.

Recently he found a way to bring the two passions together.

Cooper wanted to build brand awareness for his jewelry-store chain, based in New Albany, Mississippi. So, he came up with an idea for a custom inflatable resembling a diamond ring, with a cornhole-type opening in the center.

Cooper commissioned Landmark Creations to turn his idea into reality. With his input, Landmark built an inflatable replica of a classic engagement ring – accurate in every detail, right down to the gold-color band, pronged setting, and multifaceted "diamond."

Cooper's company logo and slogan appear prominently on the inflatable, so everyone who sees it instantly gets the message: "Van Atkins Jewelers. You know she's worth it!" 

Today the giant inflatable makes an impact at area football games. And Cooper plans to keep using it at upcoming sporting events.

"Landmark created two inflatable Truman the Tigers for us, and they were incredibly easy to work with, as well as very affordable."

- Michelle Froese, Missouri University

"The Adventure Colon is so rewarding for our organization. Everyone that walks through it is just in awe and learn so much when we guide them through it."

- Oneyda Cuevas, Hope Through Grace, Inc.

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