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Suzuki Dealership Increases Sales With Inflatable Mando Mascot

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Suzuki Inflatable Tiger Mascot on Dealership Rooftop

Mando the Inflatable Mascot Sells Suzukis

Over the course of several months, Suzuki car dealer, Pete Sanchez, and his young artist friend developed the concept for a mascot they could use in several ways. The reality of their efforts was Mando the tiger. He started out as a costume and then moved into a caricature that stands in front of the children's play area at Katy Mills Mall (the most visited area of the mall since its grand opening in may of 07). But Mando didn't stop there. Next he was transformed (with the help of Landmark Creations) into an inflatable mascot that towered 20 feet high. 

This custom inflatable balloon was produced with exacting detail and was identical to the other images of Mando found in the town of Katy Mills, which helped keep their branding in tact. Mando has now taken his place on the roof of the Suzuki dealership where he is a permanent resident.

Did the inflatable mascot accomplish the goals Sanchez laid out? Absolutely! He wanted visibility and recognition and, as Sanchez exclaims, "We have a landmark!"  (We think that should be Landmark with a capital "L.") With his new custom inflatable balloon, the Suzuki dealership has created an icon that people look for as they travel back and forth in the area. And giving directions to the dealership is easier than ever.They just tell customers to look for the massive tiger on the roof!

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