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Greenville County Uses a Familiar Inflatable Character to Raise Awareness

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Greenville County Inflatable Devil Duck

Greenville County Puts a Twist on a Childhood Symbol to Raise Awareness

When you think of children splashing in the tub, what immediately comes to mind? A rubber ducky, of course! But the Greenville County Soil and Water Division puts a unique twist on this childhood symbol of innocence and fun.

Just as you'd never suspect that a cute, little rubber ducky would cause any type of harm, most folks don't recognize the danger they cause to the environment with ordinary, household items. In essence, motor oil, pet waste and numerous other commonly-found items can endanger our water supplies. Katarina Sides, Greenville County's Community Relations Coordinator, explains.

"We are reminding everyone that their household’s little devil causes a big problem for everyone. Motor oil, fertilizer, leaves, trash and pet waste can be a devil in disguise. They seem like no big deal but they actually pollute our water. By using a 'devil' rubber ducky we take a familiar, harmless childhood object and redesign it as something scarier than what meets the eye. The inflatable allows us to get the devil in disguise messaging out to our County population in an unusual and exciting way."


With an eye toward educating Greenville County residents that so-called "harmless" things can actually pollute the local water supply, the Devil Duck will make stops at community events. Why Landmark? "Landmark had the best recommendations from people who have actually used them, were incredibly helpful and willing to answer questions, and had the best prices."

You can't argue with a Devil Duck :)

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"I chose Landmark Creations because they had a reasonable price for a customized inflatable. The other inflatables featured on their site made me confident that they could produce exactly what I was looking for."

- Sara Chadeck, KONO 101.1 FM

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- Jack Doyle, Scenery First

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