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Hope Through Grace Uses Their Inflatable Colon to Raise Health Awareness

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Video of Hope Through Grace's Inflatable Colon at Healthfair

Hope Through Grace Gets the Point Across with an Inflatable Colon

If a picture's worth a thousand words, just imagine the communication value of a giant, inflatable colon. Hope Through Grace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising health awareness about colorectal cancer and its prevention, recognized the power of inflatables when used for education.


So far, thousands of people have been through the exhibit brining about a direct, positive result from the use of Hope Through Grace's inflatable colon. However, the impact is more far reaching that that. Hope Through Grace has also received numerous invitations to bring their inflatable to other communities, extending the educational scope of this balloon.

And, of course, there's the added bonus of exceptional media exposure when you use inflatables. "Hope Through Grace has enjoyed increased local press coverage with the addition of The Adventure Colon to our health fair exhibit spaces. One local television station highlighted The Adventure Colon as an example of worthy exhibits to visit during a four-day national convention that was held in Houston this past summer."

Hope Through Grace wants to use their inflatable to ultimately lower the cases of colon cancer by spreading the news that the majority of colon cancer cases are preventable through colonoscopy screenings.

We're proud to have had a hand in making their dream a reality.

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