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Landmark Creations is frequently invited to be interviewed by newspapers, television shows, magazines and national trade publications.  Educating marketers about the far-reaching benefits of inflatables is one of our favorite things to do.  From as long ago as 1997, you'll find Landmark President Tom Meacham proudly representing our U.S.-based firm in print and on video.  

Journalists: Are you in need of an inflatables industry expert as a source for your next story? We're always happy to provide quotes, participate in interviews and assist in other ways.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements

2016 Twin Cities Pioneer Press

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Pioneer Press: Scott TakushiNeed someone to pay attention to you? This company can help

Pioneer Press - September 3, 2016

We’re excited about scoring some digital ink from Twin Cities Press. Thanks to Richard Chin for spending some time on site with the Landmark Creations crew!

Find out what Richard Chin from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press had to say about Landmark Creations.

PHOTO - Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi

2004 WCCO Morning Show

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WCCO Morning Show with Landmark Creations President, Tom Meacham

Inflatable Punching Bags featuring George Bush and John Kerry Appear on WCCO Morning Show

The punching bags were manufactured by Landmark Creations, a custom inflatable manufacturer in Burnsville, Minnesota. President of Landmark Creations, Tom Meacham and the artist are interviewed about the nature of these political inflatables. (October 6, 2004)


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1998 Beverage Retailer

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Beverage Retailer Magazine Cover

Get Blow out Sales with Inflatables

Learn how Fred Faust of Metcalf Discount Liquor uses his inflatable champaign bottle to increase traffic during special events at his liquor store.

Beverage Retailer, Sept/Oct 1998 p.6 - Marketing & Merchandising

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2006 KSTP 5 Eyewitness News

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KSTP Ch 5 Eyewitness News Features the Eagan Fire Dept's Inflatable Rehab Tent

January 7, 2006.

Interview with Firefighter about Rehab Tents

Firefighters Get A Much Needed Break With On-Site, Portable, Mobile Shelters

Firefighters have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs on earth. In constant fear for their lives, firefighters desperately need a place to take a break, recoup and rejuvenate during the course of putting out a blaze. Until now, there were no portable, mobile shelters. To date, firefighters depend on old school buses (or similar vehicles) to serve as their rehab stations: Not very comfortable or roomy.

After working with Landmark Creations for about one-year, the development of an inflatable shelter finally saw production. The Eagan Fire Department will be the first to make use of these brand new, airtight, 20 x 12 foot portable, mobile shelters. Firefighters will now be able to enter the tent to escape extreme heat, rest for a few minutes and replenish their fluids. In addition, the inflatable shelter will give paramedics room to set up their equipment in order to monitor on-scene firefighters.

Inflatable Emergency Shelter

Visit our galleries: portable shelters & emergency tents.


Learn more about Portable Shelters

Event Design 2007

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Event Design 2007 Magazine Cover

Blowing Up: Inflatable Structures Add a Unique Twist to Branded Events and Environments

The Nov/Dec 2007 issue of Event Design Magazine features Landmark Creations' designer Jim Olson discussing various aspects of custom inflatable structures. The article touches on the physics, elements, graphics and durability of custom, cold-air inflatables.

Industrial Fabric Review

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Industrial Fabric Review Magazine Cover

The Big Blow Up

The March 2005 issue of Industrial Fabric Review features Landmark Creations. Tom Meacham gives some excellent examples and information about sculpting for the inflatables industry and other details about fabricating first-rate, top-quality inflatables.

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