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Hotter'N Hell Hundred Inflatable Race Archway

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Hotter'N Hell Inflatable Start Arch at Bike Race

Hotter'n Hell Bicycle Race, Created in 1982 by the Wichita Falls Bicycle Club, Celebrates Wichita Falls' 100-year Anniversary

It is now the largest single day 100-mile bicycle ride in the nation attracting over 10,000 racers from all across the globe. In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Hotter'N Hell Hundred wanted to do something truly spectacular for this year's race. That's why they teamed up with Landmark Creations, designer of inflatable mascots, arches and more.

Two balloons were chosen: An 18' x 40' inflatable arch and a 30' inflatable mascot.

The inflatable arch was a half decagon-shape displaying the colors of the race along with the traditional flames. The five-sided arch was selected for its unique appearance and its ability to easily accommodate sponsor banners. The other inflatable was designed to replicate mascot Pyro Pete. Complete with racing shorts and bulging biceps, Pete captured the spirit of the race with his "let's do it" stance and facial expression.

Both the inflatable arch and mascot were produced using seven-ounce and 18-ounce vinyl-coated, nylon fabric. They were equipped with internal blower systems that allowed them to inflate quickly and remain upright until the event ended. Landmark Creations is proud to have been a part of this exceptional event. Through inflatable mascots and arches that were larger than life, this internationally acclaimed bicycle race was able to celebrate its silver anniversary in style.

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"Give our races a 'big event' feel.  They look cool in photos and videos, and they help us establish the look and feel of our brand."

- Sam Abbitt, Savage Race

“The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

- David Parker, Pacific Road Runners Club