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Inflatable Arch Helps Raise Funds During California Coast Classic Charity Ride

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Inflatable Arthritis Bike ArchwayInflatable Arch Provides Affordable Solution For Arthritis Charity Ride

With a backdrop of breathtaking scenery stretching 525 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the California Coast Classic (CCC) is an eight-day charity ride with one goal: raising funds to battle arthritis.

Like many other events of this nature, the CCC uses a start and finish line to kick-off and end the festivities. Because the start line and finish line are in two different cities, the logistics can be a tad complicated.


On the CCC's wish list were:

  • the ability to move the inflatable arch easily.
  • an arch that didn't take up much room during transport.
  • an attractive-looking presentation.
  • a one-time fee.
  • the ability to add paid sponsor banners.

"[The inflatable arch] created a wonderful backdrop to brand our events, capture our sponsors in the photos used by the participants, and made it easy to travel down the coast of California without taking up too much space on our trucks," said Chief Development Officer, Amy Daugherty. "We also appreciated the one-time fee that allowed it to become ours forever without continuously paying a rental company for an ugly metal start / finish that you have to cover with expensive banners annually."

The end result was a product that delivered everything the CCC needed while helping them raise over $1,000,000 per year for this worthy cause. Two thumbs up for the awesome work you do!

Browse our extensive online catalog of custom inflatable archway examples today for even more inspiration!

"We had a very positive experience working with Landmark Creations and were very impressed with their service and how quickly we were able to receive our inflatable. The product is high quality and super easy to use, which makes a huge difference when setting up."

- Missy Keiper, Avera McKennan Foundation

“We wanted to convey our 'money-saving' message, what better way than a 14-foot-tall inflatable booth with money flying around in it?”

- Brandon Hoffman, Hydra-Flex

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