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Marketing Articles: Using Advertising Inflatables

Senor Frogs Inflatable Restaurant Rooftop Advertisement

Discover the Powerful Impact Advertising Inflatables Have on Your Marketing Efforts

Because they are custom-made in practically any shape, size and style you want; advertising inflatables are the perfect fit for grand openings, sporting events, point-of-purchase displays, mobile marketing campaigns and more. Large or small, rooftop or ground, helium-filled or dynamic; advertising balloons always have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.  Read the articles (below) and find out specifically how to use advertising inflatables in a variety of marketing scenarios.

LED Lighting Options Add New Dimension to Inflatable Displays

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LED Lighting OptionsInflatable Displays with LED Lighting: More Options Than Ever Before for Marketers and Event Planners

Ready to add even more drama and dazzle to your custom inflatable displays? Consider LED lighting. Today's light-emitting diode (LED) lights can take your Landmark custom inflatable to a whole new level of eye-popping splendor. Best of all, they offer an array of advantages over old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

For starters, these new lights cost less than you might think... and prices keep plunging, even as the technology keeps advancing. What's more, they're even more affordable over time, thanks to their longer lifespan and lower operating cost.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a quality LED bulb can last more than 25 times longer than traditional lighting. Plus, it uses energy far more efficiently than your typical incandescent bulb, which consumes up to six times more electricity!

LED lights are also significantly safer. Unlike standard bulbs, they never get hot, so you can use them with a wide range of synthetic materials without worrying about possible combustion.
These lights are more versatile, too. You can program them to blink, flash, dim, change colors, produce rainbow effects, and more. You can even time and pace the color changes, so they'll coordinate with music and other elements of your display.

What's more, since LEDs are so much smaller than regular bulbs, they'll easily fit any inflatable design, including complex shapes with intricate internal structures. For example, check out Landmark Creations' inflatable stage props for recent performances by pop icon Katy Perry and mashup DJ Girl Talk (Gregg Michael Gillis). Plus, see Landmark's seasonal displays for SeaWorld Parks. All integrate dazzling luminous effects into challenging, detailed designs.

Find out how you can add a breathtaking light show to your next inflatable display. It's easier (and more cost-effective) than you'd imagine. And the creative possibilities are endless!

Custom Inflatable Colons Take the Scary out of Screenings

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Inflatable Colons at Community EventsEducate Without Fear Using Custom Giant Colons

There are certain things the vast majority of the population is extremely uncomfortable talking about. Included on that short list are changing their diets, their in-laws coming to visit and cancer. (The in-laws are probably the most intimidating of the three!) In order to converse with people about these and other awkward topics, you have to navigate around the emotional brick wall.
Do you work for a gastroenterology practice, health product provider or cause marketing agency? If so, you’re no doubt constantly on the lookout for ways to communicate with people about colon cancer and screenings in a nonthreatening manner that is also fun, educational and maybe a bit entertaining as well.

Enter the Giant Colon! (Yes, You Heard Me Right.)

Do you remember the 1987 movie Innerspace starring Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan? During the film, Quaid is shrunken and then injected into other people’s bodies where he tours every inch via a microscopic shuttle. The heart, intestines, lungs, stomach… everywhere. The audience is captivated by this inside look at the human makeup instead of disgusted because it’s a dramatic comedy film. The humor lightens what would otherwise be a very serious subject. The end result is just super.
Colon & health awareness inflatables work much the same way. They are animated (in a sense) and pique the curiosity of passersby because they are also colossal. They grab attention from a great distance away and start a conversation that naturally leads people to your location. With this combination of features, a giant colon offers real people the chance to tour the inside of this organ, be educated about the dangers of colon cancer and learn the benefits of screenings minus any anxiety.
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, but, as a medical or marketing professional, you understand the importance of year-round promotions. So how precisely do you use an inflatable colon for maximum impact? Glad you asked.

Inflatable Colons in Action

Buying a custom inflatable colon is often less expensive than a rental, meaning you can get exactly the look and size you want, rather than having to sacrifice based on the rental company’s inventory. If you plan to use your inflatable on a regular or even semi-regular basis, buying is the way to go.
Although giant colons are… well, giant… they come deflated and packed neatly in easy-to-carry bags. Because they take only minutes to set up and deflate, you can be in business in short order.
Where would you use such a thing? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Outside your office for an open house
  • Health fairs
  • Home shows
  • Races
  • Street festivals
  • Anywhere there are adults

Attracting People and the Press

What’s especially super about the colon is that its magic works on the press equally as effectively as it does on people. The media coverage you’re likely to receive can go a long way toward raising donations for a cause, increasing education about the benefits of screenings and promoting your organization.
Once you remove the obstacles that prevent folks from hearing your message, you pave the way for countless individuals to receive screenings that fear may have otherwise kept them from getting. By taking the “scary” out of this procedure, untold lives can be saved… all thanks to a giant, pink inflatable tunnel.

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FIVE PROVEN WAYS Inflatables Generate Excitement at Events

The whole idea of having an event of any sort is to create an atmosphere filled with excitement. Whether your event is a fair, a conference, a celebration, a product or company launch, or any other type, you'll also need lots of foot traffic to make it a success. Using inflatables helps you accomplish your goals. In fact, there are five distinct ways inflatable advertising can create excitement at your next event.

1. Building Interest

The vibrant colors, the uniqueness of inflatables, and the sheer size of these giant balloons will make anyone curious about what's going on. Because inflatables are large, they attract interest from long distances. Just the fact that you have a monster-sized soda pop bottle in your parking lot (for example) lets customers know something special is going on. Their curiosity naturally leads them to your location where they find the grand opening of your newest restaurant. Since they've stopped by, these customers might as well stay for lunch, right.

2. Making A Personal Connection

Kids and adults love to see giant replicas of their favorite characters and brands. They also love to get up close and personal with these figures. Once you make a personal connection, customers are more apt to frequent your location.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

Nothing else makes an impact quite like a 40-foot tall inflatable replica of your mascot or logo.
Brand reinforcement is inevitable especially when it happens while your customers are having fun. (And inflatables are fun, as you're about to find out.)

4. Adding FUN

How about inflatable sports cages or pitching cages for sports events?
Inflatable archways make the perfect finale for races. There are inflatable tents & domes that offer shade at outdoor events, and a list that's only limited by your imagination.

5. Breaking Advertising Overload

These days, your customers are seeing ads everywhere... and I mean EVERYwhere. Not only are they bombarded with billboards, radio ads, and neon signs in front of stores, but they find ads on their grocery carts, and on doors to bathroom stalls for goodness sake!

Inflatables break through advertising overload.

They are large enough to be unusual, but created in familiar shapes so they are easily recognized. And because they aren't something customers see every day, they really stand out in a crowd and alert customers that something exciting is going on.The next time you need to build excitement at your event, think of inflatable advertising. For all the reasons listed (and more) they always produce phenomenal results with drawing a crowd and increasing sales.

Cartoon Network Inflatables

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10 Tips for Standing Out in a Crowd with Inflatables

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10 Tips for Becoming the Center of Attention at Any Event

Custom inflatables truly give you enormous flexibility during marketing events. Because they can actually work in different capacities or simply stand steadfast and attract attention, the possibilities in design and function are practically limitless. Here are 10 clever ways these giant marketing balloons make you the center of attention.

Tip #1 -Undergo a Transformation - Turn a local park into a playground. It's easy with inflatables. From inflatable archways that draw attention and help you organize the attendees to inflatable slides, batting cages and more. Leave room for customizable banners and earn additional revenue through sponsorships.

Tip #2 - Turn Heavyweights into Lightweights - When you hit a logistical brick wall with trying to display something of great size or weight, don’t give up. The answer is simple: create custom inflatable replicas that look just like the real things, but weigh significantly less and are much easier to ship from location to location.

Tip #3 - Encourage Graffiti - Talk about consumer interaction. Inviting guests to write messages on your inflatable product opens the door to some great feedback. All it takes is a custom inflatable product replica and a few paint pens to pull it off.

Tip #4 - Become a Corporate Role Model - With so many worthy causes to choose from, it should be easy to pick one that holds special significance for your organization. Tie into their events and use inflatable arches to spread the word throughout your community. 

Tip #5 - Take It to New Heights - Put your mascot on the rooftop of the convention center, retail location or restaurant. Sure, it's a classic marketing technique, but one that has never lost its effectiveness.  Be sure to keep your idea fresh, however. We've all seen more than our fair share of gorillas.

Tip #6 - Create a Celebrity Lookalike - Create a caricature of a famous animal, celebrity or politician and watch the cameras come out. Fun, exciting and a super way to encourage photographs.

Tip #7 - Throw Your Mascota Birthday Party - What a wonderful way to celebrate. Mascots create such a great, emotional connection with customers, so it's only natural they'd want to celebrate special occasions with them.

Tip #8 - Host a Benefits Party - Benefits are rarely a popular subject with employees. Often difficult to understand (especially insurance), workers can walk away unsure of what's available to them or which choices would be best for their circumstances. Using custom inflatables to communicate company offerings and benefits is a wonderful way to ease anxiety and help employees make the right decisions.

Tip #9 - Do the Unexpected - Tradeshow booths are typically grounded.  It's what's expected when attendees walk through the exhibition hall. In a sea of eye-level displays, what could grab attention better than something no one expects? Hang your inflatable display from the ceiling above your booth. Not only will it get greater visibility, it will also encourage visitors to stroll over to your location to see what's up.

Tip #10 - Break the Silence when You Break Ground - Looking for a refreshing twist to the old standard shovel pictures that typically are taken at groundbreaking events? Custom inflatables give journalists something worthy of their time. Interesting and entertaining, an inflatable product replica is the perfect addition to every press event.

Any way you slice it, custom inflatables are flexible enough to accommodate any type of event with a fresh approach. From tradeshows to internal corporate functions, you'll find inflatables to be affordable, functional assets for all your event-marketing needs.

Cartoon Network Inflatable

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Successful Corporate Race Sponsorships with Inflatable Product Replicas

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Yoplait Inflatable Replica for Sponsorship Events

Product Replicas Make for Successful Corporate Race Sponsorships

You're in charge of a big launch for a new brand of snack food – the hottest thing to hit the shelves since chips in a can. You've got a great product, now you need to generate a bit of buzz, and fast. Thankfully, that's just what inflatables do. Coupled with a corporate race sponsorship, inflatable product replicas can give a much needed boost to your marketing campaign.

They're visible - How many ads do you encounter every day. Fifty? One hundred?  More than that at a NASCAR race, for sure. After a while, they all blur together in a dizzying mess. That's why inflatables work so well. They're large and unique, so when they appear in a parking lot or on a rooftop, people take notice.

They're attention grabbing - If you're not taking consumers by the hand and introducing them to your product, they will never give you a second look. A new bag on a shelf – even with the best eye-level placement money can buy – will go unnoticed. There's just too much competition. Greet a crowd of hungry NASCAR fans with a 20-foot-tall replica, though, and now you'll see some heads turn.

They're interesting - That inflatable product replica is a great start, but to really get the crowd revved up, pair it with samples and coupons. Now you've got a consumer who will seek out your brand because he's ready to buy.

They give you a chance to get personal - In massive crowds, you've got about five seconds to make an impression. Handing out tasty samples of your new product from the shadow of an inflatable bag of chips increases your odds of being remembered later, when the buying decision is made.

They're fun! - Race fans are enchanted by the sight of giant-sized advertising balloons. For more punch, combine a product replica with an inflatable sports cage where visitors compete for coupons, free products, or other prizes. That's a winning combination that will stay in the minds of customers long after you've packed up and gone home.

Inflatable product replicas are made from durable materials, so they stand up to NASCAR race tracks all across the U.S. You can use them repeatedly, no matter where your marketing campaign takes you. They're quick to set-up and quick to take down, and can be easily handled by one or two people.

Supersize your hot new product in inflatable form, and watch your sales take off faster than Tony Stewart at the Daytona 500. Maybe they'll even name a race after you.

Inflatable Product Replicas Gallery

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Get Participants' Attention at Sporting Events with Inflatable Pylons

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Inflatable Pylons for Racing Event

5 Ways Inflatable Pylons Keep You on the Right Track

When you're coordinating a race or a sporting event and you need to get the attention of the participants, big and bold is the only way to do it. You can't politely tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey! The finish line is this way.” Boundaries need to be clearly marked, routes must be obvious to runners with serious cases of tunnel vision and, corporate sponsors' banners must be visible. That's a lot to ask, but there are ways to make it happen.


Sporting events are a natural fit for inflatable buoys. Boat races, surfing tournaments, and just about every other water sport has a need for markers, whether it be for outlining the entire route or just the finish line. Inflatables work as well on the water as they do on the land, so your branding will stay consistent from beginning to end. And unlike traditional buoys, inflatable pylons aren't limited to the standard round design, which makes them easier to customize with your logo or that of your sponsor.

Golf Tournaments

For golf course managers, inflatables are the obvious choice because they don't damage the delicate greens like heavy construction materials can. Using inflatable pylons instead of more traditional signs and marketing materials means less money spent on repairs when the event is over, and fewer headaches for you. In addition, airtight pylons don't require a power source or need a blower to keep them inflated, so they're quiet. A mandatory feature on a golf course.


Poker runs, concerts, and charity walks are mainstays in the fundraising world. So is having too little staff to keep everything going. Even a squadron of enthusiastic volunteers will have trouble keeping several hundred bikers on track, but twenty-foot-tall inflatable pylons make it clear where the next checkpoint is. Perhaps equally important, they provide ample space for advertising, so your sponsors know they are getting their money's worth.

Community Events

Groundbreaking ceremonies, park dedications, parades, and festivals all make good use of inflatable pylons. They perform double duty as placeholders and billboards, both marking the location of an event and promoting the businesses that made it possible. Plus, they deflate quickly and take up little storage space.


On a hot day in July when thousands swarm the beach, your job as a lifeguard is in full swing.  If you find yourself in need of some added help with crowd control, inflatable pylons make a great backup crew. They're both lightweight and portable, and since they're airtight, they work just as well in the water as out. Durable, fade-resistant materials keep them going year after year, so you'll be a hero at the next budget meeting.

Regardless of the type of event, inflatable pylons are heavy-duty multitaskers. They direct traffic, mark important spots, and outline routes, giving you full-time workers for a part-time price… and they never call in sick. Who could ask for more?

Inflatable Red Bull Pylon

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Franchise Marketing with Custom Inflatables

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Captain D's Inflatable Fishtail for Franchise Marketing

Inflatables Give Extra Lift to Franchise Marketing Efforts

Franchises benefit from corporate advertising such as television and radio spots, coupons, newspaper inserts and more.  But individual franchisees can't expect to succeed by resting on the efforts of others or broad-sweeping efforts performed in a catchall fashion.  It's up to you, as the local franchise owner, to coordinate and implement marketing campaigns that will rally favor within your community. Because they are flexible, customizable and proven to work, inflatables have always had a natural affinity with franchise sales and marketing. 

Here are Just a Few Ways Incorporating Inflatables into Your Plans Can Pay Off.

Promotional Item Giveaways - Inflatable key chains, balls, picture frames and more can be branded with your logo and location. Since everybody likes to win something, have regular drawings for prizes or offer to give promotional items to the first X number of visitors every Tuesday during certain times. You generate good will and provide a way to remind customers to visit your store again soon.

Inflatable Product Replicas - Want to stop traffic in the streets and on the sidewalk?  Place an inflatable product replica in your parking lot or on your roof. As if their size wasn't enough of a show-stopper, giant inflatables also give a lift to franchise marketing because they are colorful.  Since they are exact replicas of your products (just much larger!) and not something typically seen every day, curiosity takes hold and customers can't help but walk in to see what's going on.

Inflatable Mascots - Similar in size and function to inflatable product replicas, these are giant, identical representations of your corporate mascot.  Due to the emotional connection mascots make with customers, these inflatables have a big draw with franchise sales and marketing campaigns.

Inflatable Costumes - They walk, they talk, they shake customers' hands. Inflatable costumes add life to any promotion.  A combination of inflatable, mascot and costume: these are inflatables you can wear. A built-in fan gives the costume its shape and keeps the person inside cool.

Advertising Blimps - Want to see sales soar? Take flight with helium-filled advertising blimps. This familiar shape is customized with your franchise's colors and logo, then anchored outside your location.  Customers will be able to spot you from miles away.

Because inflatables are easy to set up, deflate, pack up and move, they work wonderfully for use at multiple locations.  

Want to kick your franchise marketing up a notch? Inflatables do the job for quick-service food restaurants, tax-preparation offices, auto-parts stores, hair salons and many others.  Check out the wide variety of available options that can boost traffic to your store.

Franchise Inflatables

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Tips for Making Outdoor Events User-Friendly with Inflatables: 3 Ways

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3 Ways to Make Outdoor Events User-Friendly

Outdoor events, in and of themselves, are special just because they take place outside.  What many event coordinators may forget is that outdoor events require special care in several areas to ensure visitors remain comfortable and have fun. The most important factor is the weather.  Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, most events are planned too far in advance to account for the possibility of inclement weather.  It's important to be prepared and have a backup plan.

Coordinating an Upcoming Event Outside?  Make Sure to Follow Three Simple Steps to Guarantee Guests Have a Wonderful Time

 #1 - Point the Way - Clear, visible, outdoor signage is vital when you're outside. Busy crowds of cars and people can make it difficult at best to see signs that mark the way to start and finish lines, your exhibition booth and more. Inflatable outdoor signage is an excellent way to direct the flow of visitors.  Inflatables are large, colorful and different, so they stand out in crowds. Inflatable arches are a wonderful choice for marking entrances and exits, while inflatable billboards denote other points of interest.

#2 - Escape the Elements - While most people love being outside, the weather can play a huge role in the comfort level of your guests. Outdoor inflatable tents and display domes give an immediately accessible gathering place that's out of the intense sun, wind, rain or cold. They also offer an attractive way to entice attendees to check out your exhibit.

#3 - Add to the Fun - The most important factor in outdoor events is fun!  Inflatables give you all sorts of ways to keep visitors interested and having the time of their lives. Creative outdoor advertising balloons such as remote-controlled, helium-filled blimps can be raced. Inflatable sports cages offer guests a chance to try their skill at pitching baseballs or kicking soccer balls.Inflatable sumo wrestling arenas, jousting or other games branded just for you will keep attendees lined up to participate while reinforcing your marketing message. Inflatable kiosks are yet another type of creative outdoor advertising balloon. Custom-made to serve your purpose, you can use them for handing out samples, coupons and more. Giant, inflatable movie screens are a phenomenal way to attract guests whether for the viewing of a Hollywood film or an informational video.

Make It Memorable

What's even better is that most inflatables can be branded with your logo. Or, if you prefer to sell space on your inflatables, custom outdoor signage can be made that displays the marketing message of your advertiser.

With the flexibility and creativity inflatables add, you'll want to incorporate them into every aspect of your next outdoor event. Their affordability, durability and portability make them an excellent solution for long-term use with mobile marketing tours and annual events.

Outdoor Inflatables Gallery

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Clever Ideas for Sponsorship Event Marketing

Let me ask you a question. What's the key to successful event marketing? Without a doubt, it's standing out in a crowd. Among the thousands of people milling around, you have to find some way to get noticed.  However, this seems to be a notion most people miss. Just look around at the next tradeshow you attend. Same old, tired exhibits are what you'll see at most booths. That's a shame because with a little effort, custom inflatables can transform your exhibit from ordinary to outstanding.

When it comes to special events, size matters. So does color. Simply towering over the crowd gives you a strategic advantage with special event marketing. Added height gives you the ability to be seen across the convention hall: a fact that can draw attendees that might not have bothered to venture to your side of the room.

With a colorful display, such as an exact replica of your product, logo or mascot, you can instantly connect with those who are familiar with your brand as well as engaging the curiosity of those who aren't. 

How can inflatables be beneficial in specific event marketing situations?  Let me show you three examples.

#1 - Races - Inflatable arches are just the ticket if your event planning includes races and marathons. Place one arch at the starting gate and the other at the finish line. It all but guarantees you'll have a captive audience at two points during the event.

Are you the event coordinator? Inflatable arches can be crafted to include room for sponsor banners. The event board purchases the arch and then sells advertising space to recoup its investment (and more).

#2 - Trade Shows - As a sponsor of a trade show, you need to make a big impression. Consider these ideas: Inflatable kiosks for distributing samples. Custom-crafted overhanging displays that grab attention from high in the air.  Giant replicas of product packages. Walking mascots that greet visitors and hand out coupons. These are just a few event marketing ideas that work well at tradeshows.

#3 - Causes & Charities - Want to get your point across to special event visitors? Position an inflatable screening room on site that plays a video about the goals of the charity and why you chose to sponsor the event.  Want to add a little fun? Set up an inflatable sports cage. Visitors can donate dollars to try their luck. Proceeds go to your charity, of course.

Custom Inflatables Are Easily Transported

Event planning oftentimes needs to be mobile which makes inflatables an even more attractive choice. They deflate quickly, store and transport with ease and inflate at the new location in just minutes. No aggravating setup procedures. No degree in mechanical engineering necessary.

The next time you're sponsoring an event, think inflatables. Regardless of the venue, they'll contribute to the success of your marketing in more ways than you can imagine.

Inflatable Pepsi Can

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Increase Response Marketing at Nonprofit Events - 7 Tools

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7 Proven Tools that Increase Marketing Response for Community & Nonprofit Events

Creating goodwill. Giving back. Celebrating your community. Raising funds for worthy causes. These and others are excellent reasons for participating in community events. But, marketing in these venues can be tricky. Will you get lost in the crowd? Are you able to attract attention?

Are the tools you've been using effective? Are they cumbersome to transport and set up? Do they work in the ways you want them to work? 

Let me share 7 easy-to-use tools that have been proven to increase your response when marketing at nonprofit events. 

  1. Parade Balloons - Imagine your mascot, towering 20 feet above the crowd, bearing a banner that shows your support of the community event. Noticeable, inviting and a powerful branding tool. 

  2. Inflatable Tents - Tents give you a more private environment to welcome guests. Covered (so they protect from rain or intense sun), inflatable tents allow you to set up tables or chairs, offer refreshments or register visitors to win prizes. What's more, you can add customized banners to the outside of your tent that correlate with the community event you're participating in.

  3. Sports Cages - What fun! Sports cages, soccer cages, pitching cages and more are always an instant hit. Expect a line. And when it forms, be prepared to accept donations, distribute marketing materials or educate onlookers about your important cause or occasion.

  4. Inflatable Kiosks - Constructing or renting kiosks can be expensive. They can also be cumbersome to move and offer limited functionality. When you order a customized inflatable kiosk, however, you'll get the best of both worlds.  Designed to your specifications, kiosks are a perfect fit for community events. Lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate, simple to transport or ship and they meet all your requirements because they were designed exclusively for you. Now giving away samples or selling products or services will be easier than you thought possible.

  5. Inflatable Movie Screens - Is it breast cancer awareness month? Host a community showing of Stepmom. Want to raise funds for local firefighters? Put Backdraft on the big screen. Inflatable movie screens are an excellent tool for marketing nonprofit events. Brand the screens with banners and you've got a captive audience.

  6. Inflatable Costumes - Here's a creative way to interact with crowds at fairs, parades, runs and other community events. Turn your mascot into an inflatable costume. Lightweight and fan-cooled, inflatable costumes allow for quick dress outs, highly flexible movements and hours of comfortable wear. What's more, crowds of adults and kids always get a kick out of them. 

  7. Sealed Inflatable Giveaways - Give them something to help them remember this special day. Key chains, product miniatures, balls and more can be branded with your message. They'll travel home with visitors and serve as a repeated reminder of your organization or cause.

Whether you're promoting a cause, celebrating a holiday, hosting an annual community event or marketing a nonprofit fundraiser, inflatables enhance the event and make your organization more memorable. 

Inflatable Polar Bear for Cause Marketing

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By Stephanie Meacham © 2009, All Rights Reserved

Promoting with Inflatable Parade Balloons

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Discover the Serious Side of Promoting with Fun Inflatable Parade Balloons

Parades have always been one of the best ways to generate excitement.  Usually centered on a holiday such as Veteran's Day, July 4th or Thanksgiving, this fun gathering of the masses is a tradition that goes back well over a century.  But savvy business owners and organization managers will take note of one fact: A parade equates to a captive audience.  And don't we all just love a captive audience?!

3 Important Strategies for Making the Most of Parade Exposure

Can you imagine anything better than for an entire city or town to line the streets just waiting for you to pass by?  But your moment in the sun is short lived, so you'll want every second of your time spent strolling down the street to count.  Allow me to offer a few tips for making the most of your parade floats and the event as a whole.

#1 - Create Eye-Popping Parade Floats

This is what everyone has come to see, so you don't want to skimp on your presentation.  Whether you go for parade floats on wheels or inflatable parade balloons that soar overhead, you'll want to use big sizes, bright colors and eye-popping designs, so you immediately hook each person's attention as you pass by.  Company mascots make for excellent parade balloons as do inflatable costumes and product replicas.

#2 - Bring Giveaways

Most parades these days won't allow you to toss candy or other goodies from your parade floats due to safety concerns.  However, you can still walk over to the crowd and hand out giveaways.  Come prepared and be creative.  You'll want something fun that is well branded.  This is a parade after all, not a networking dinner.  Inflatable product miniatures , balls, key chains and more are very likely to be kept and used which means your organization's name stays in front of the customer longer.

#3 - Drive People to Your Business

The most successful marketing campaigns are circular in nature.  This means they bring the customer 360 degrees.  Promote your appearance on your website, in your TV and radio spots and in your print marketing.  Then, as your parade balloon travels down the route, hand out giveaways.  But don't stop there.  Attached to your giveaway, include an offer for a discount, a free upgrade, x% off a membership or some other incentive for the parade watcher to come back to your business.  Now that's smart marketing!

Start planning now.  Holiday parades occur about every three months or so.  There are also high school and college homecoming parades, military parades and others.  Each will require you to have a parade float or balloon to participate.  Choose an event that most closely aligns with your target customer and you're sure to have a blast while drumming up some business.

Parade Inflatables Gallery

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The Science of Getting More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

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What Do Heat Maps and Shopping Have to Do with Trade Shows?

Most marketers know that heat maps are developed by following the eye path of customers as they look over advertising material such as websites, brochures, etc. What you may not know, however, is that the same eye-catching elements that perform well online or in print can also pull top performances with trade show displays.

In addition, consumer behaviorists that follow the shopping habits of customers have enormous insights into the way people maneuver in crowded spaces. Put the two sciences together and you have a powerful combination of information.

The two primary goals of every trade show booth are to attract attention and to draw people into the booth. Easier said than done when you're exhibiting in the midst of hundreds of companies surrounded by thousands of people filling each aisle to capacity. Let's take a look at how to implement some of the science of consumer behavior in order to boost traffic to your booth.

Shopping vs. Meandering

World-famous consumer behaviorist Paco Underhill wrote one of the best books on how people shop. Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping delivers exceptional information that was actually observed in real retail environments. One surprising fact Underhill points out is that shoppers almost always turn right after entering a store's door. If you pay attention to other situations that require a person to "shop" for something (or meander through a hall filled with trade show booths), you'll find that the occurrence is common in these settings as well.

Stand back and watch. Count the number of people at any given trade show who turn right after entering the door vs. those who turn left. What does this tell you? Get a booth on the right side of the hall if possible. You'll encounter visitors immediately after they enter when they are fresh and interested instead of tired and trying to escape the ever-growing crowd.

Applying Heat Map Strategies to Trade Show Displays

Heat maps show, in a variety of colors, where people's eyes land first when viewing an online or printed marketing piece. The hotter the colors get (yellows, oranges and reds), the more attraction certain elements have and the longer people stay locked on those elements.

What wins out every time? Colors, images and things that look out of the ordinary. These same factors can be applied to trade show booths to encourage attendees to hone in on your booth as opposed to all the others. Inflatables give you an exceptional advantage because they can encompass all three of these elements. Just imagine how quickly trade show visitors would lock in on your booth if it held a 15-foot-tall inflatable company mascot. Towering above the rest, this would certainly capture every eye in the place. Or how about massive inflatable product replicas? A 20-foot-tall, colorful reproduction of your best-selling product would be considered out of the ordinary for sure. And what about in-booth giveaways? You can find inflatable key chains, balls, miniature product replicas and more that fill that bill.

Exhibiting outdoors? Inflatable air tents give those on the midway something to tune into because they are large, colorful and can be fitted with custom banners. Motion is another natural attraction. That's why helium-filled inflatables make such a perfect addition to any trade show display. Whether swaying in the breeze or rigged with remote capabilities so they can fly anywhere on command, you're sure to turn many heads.

I can see it now: You book a corner booth on the right side of the hall near the front, add a giant inflatable mascot and some inflatable giveaway items to the mix and crowds just flock to you! This just might be the most successful trade show display you've ever had!

Need more creative ideas for your next trade show event?

View our gallery of trade show inflatables.

Inflatable Applebee's Logo on Restaurant Rooftop

3 Grand Opening Ideas that Set the Stage for Your Business

When you're planning a grand opening, you want customers and the media to visit your new location. But which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of both? We'll show you!

While there are no firm statistics, professionals have noticed that the majority of businesses that close within the first two years did not have an official grand opening event. Those same pros continue to surmise that if you create a successful grand opening, you'll set the pace for the weeks and months ahead. This has never been truer than it is today, as we see company after company closing its doors or downsizing. But what can be done for your particular business? Which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of customers as well as the media?

Bring in the Big Guns… or Cups or Tacos or Puppies or…

Here's a phenomenal grand opening idea: Create a giant inflatable balloon of your product or logo and place it on the rooftop of your business.  For instance, a Mexican restaurant could place a giant, inflatable taco on its roof with a banner that reads, "Now Open."  A local veterinary clinic could put a massive, inflatable puppy or kitten on their rooftop with signage declaring, "Grand Opening!"

Why giant inflatable balloons?  Because they attract attention of all sorts. People busily going about their routines don't even notice most of the advertising that comes their way. According to the Newspaper Association of America, Texas A&M University and the Journal of Concerned Scientists, Americans are exposed to well over 3,000 advertising messages each day from a variety of sources. Our senses are on overload and, therefore, most of the ads we view are blocked out.

However, place a 30-foot-tall giant taco up on the roof (higher than most of the other clutter like billboards, storefront banners, etc.) and drivers down your street suddenly wake up and smell the guacamole.

Gain Press Coverage

Your business can make good use of this second grand opening idea: Use inflatables to bring the press to your location. Inflatables are an exceptional way to garner media coverage. While yet another Mexican restaurant grand opening might not be considered news, a restaurant with a giant taco on its roof that drew in massive crowds is.

Likewise, while a photo of a restaurant storefront isn't an overly exciting picture, that massive taco is definitely a photo opp just waiting to happen.

Bring the Crowd Inside

Unless you're hosting a sidewalk sale, having a crowd of customers outside your door won't do you much good. You have to bring the people inside your business. Grand opening idea number three is to use smaller, sealed inflatables as giveaways.

For example, sticking with the same Mexican restaurant theme, you might say the first 100 customers get a free, miniature, inflatable taco. You could create practically anything you want: inflatable mariachi singers, inflatable sombreros… the list is endless.  Because everybody loves to get something free - and because they can be branded with your business name and address - sealed inflatables make the perfect giveaways.

As a business, you can't neglect the importance of your grand opening. Use ideas that create a buzz in your community and that will attract the press. When you do it right, you'll find that word-of-mouth advertising kicks in and the business just keeps on coming!

Inflatable Chef Mascot

Need some creative ideas for your next Grand Opening event?

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By Stephanie Meacham © 2008, All Rights Reserved

The Failsafe Way to Create Buzz for a New Product Launch

Buzz.  First introduced as a - well - "buzzword" in about 1998, it faded from the marketing vocabulary a few years later. However, with the explosion of Web 2.0 in recent years, the catchphrase is back in full force.  What better way to describe the phenomenon of everyone chattering about your new product than "buzz”?

As major corporations and small businesses are finding - in the age of blogs, social networking sites and video-sharing communities - creating a viral campaign has enormous potential for buzz. In fact, it has become such a vital component for marketing a new product that even companies like Nielsen offer "buzz tracking" services.

In fact, in a recent article by Nielsen on this same topic, the company states, "After analyzing blog buzz volume, ad spending, purchase intentions and actual product sales, Nielsen found the best predictor of buzz for newly launched consumer-packaged goods (CPG) is a large advertising budget." Did you think buzz came naturally? No, my friend. You have to create buzz.

Creating Buzz that Boosts Sales

But how? What does it take to get people talking these days? How do you manage to pull off a new product launch with the full support of the public?  Product distinctiveness is a definite plus, but the medium for the buzz is also important.

For instance, creating something that can be talked about and blogged about as well as captured and shared on video and in photos is the perfect scenario. But, what delivers that type of viral punch? Inflatables, for one thing.

Inflatables Create In-Person, Verbal, Print and Digital Buzz

When marketing a new product, what would turn people's heads as they were walking by? A 20-foot tall washer/dryer pair just might do it. How about a 15-foot high wine bottle or a 25-foot tall bag of dishwasher detergent? All are distinctive enough to capture attention right on the spot. These people magnets work equally well on adults and kids, so you get a broad spectrum of age groups. What's more, inflatables attract the press like flies to honey.

Taking a picture of a crowd of people is one thing.  Publishing a picture of a crowd of people looking intently at a 10-foot tall shrimp wearing a hula skirt is another thing entirely!

But, the curiosity generation doesn't stop there. In addition to still photos, inflatables have a nifty habit of winding up on YouTube and other video-sharing websites. Video camera-toting individuals capture everything from Tweety Bird's rear end sticking out of a billboard in Times Square to an inflatable Hulk that appears at movie premieres. Do you hear the buzz getting louder?

Their color, size and sheer attention-grabbing capacity give any new product launch distinctiveness by association. Even if the product itself isn't something innovative or unique, marketing a new product using inflatables can lend some ingeniousness to the campaign as a whole.

Making plans now to create a little buzz for your next new product launch? Consider carefully. When you weigh the cost against the impact and the potential for buzz in its most desirable forms, inflatables get the job done every time.

Product Launch Gallery

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By Stephanie Meacham © 2008, All Rights Reserved

Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

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Precision Tune Auto Care's Inflatable Mascot

Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

There are numerous ways inflatables excel when it comes to increasing response to your marketing, but - without a doubt - building brand awareness is at the top of the list. What could possibly drive a more vibrant and lasting visual image into the minds of consumers than giant inflatable balloons? Their sheer size grabs attention immediately. Their uniqueness holds interest and captivates onlookers.  They beg to be remembered and photographed. The end result is an impression people talk about for days, weeks or even months to come. You can't get that kind of bang for your branding buck with any other medium.

Because Landmark Creations' inflatables are so flexible in design and use, you have plenty of options for your brand awareness strategy. Tell us what you have planned and we'll help you choose the best inflatables to make the events a complete success.

Product Replicas

From gargoyles to golf bags and cereal boxes to chili cans, Landmark has a creative and downright clever design team that makes your product replicas shine.

Inflatable Arches

Building brand awareness couldn't be easier! Inflatable arches are the perfect marketing tool for sporting events. As "start" or "finish" line markers, these arches keep all eyes on them, meaning your advertising message is seen by a captive audience.

Hot-Air Shapes

Want to create a literal buzz? Let Landmark create a custom hot air shape for you. Similar in appearance to traditional hot-air balloons, the inflatable versions aren't manned, but can still rise high. They are suitable for both ground and rooftop installations.

Inflatable Costumes

This is what we call relationship marketing. When your brand awareness strategy calls for some face-to-face time, suit up in one of our custom-made inflatable costumes. Adults and children alike love them!

Inflatable Logos

On a roof, in a convention hall… wherever you need to break through the clutter and stand out in a crowd, giant inflatable logos save the day.

Inflatable Tents / Domes

From building brand awareness to serving in a functional capacity, inflatable tents and domes do the job. While providing an easily recognizable gathering place and shelter from the sun or rain, these tents are also brand-friendly. We can quickly create attachable, interchangeable banners that drive your message home.

Inflatable Kiosks

Want to give away samples, coupons or other items? Landmark offers handy kiosks tailored specifically to your brand.  You'll be the main attraction at trade shows, fairs and other public events.

Event Marketing Inflatables

Need creative ideas for your next marketing event?

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Meet Your Marketing Goals with Inflatable Advertising

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Inflatable Whales Displayed in Museum Entry

How Inflatable Advertising Helps You Meet Your Marketing Goals

There are several goals that any marketing program hopes to accomplish. Advertising inflatables help you meet or exceed those goals in an affordable way that pays off with increased sales.

Goal #1 - Advertising Inflatables Gain Attention & Increase Traffic

In order to increase sales, you must first get the attention and the traffic of your customer. Advertising inflatables and balloons have high visibility and offer immediate and lasting visual impressions. Outdoor advertising inflatables literally stop traffic on streets and demand the attention of your prospects. Giant inflatable advertising increases location traffic by delivering a high visual impact right at the point of purchase. An added bonus includes improved media attention due to their uniqueness and photographic draw!

Inflatable Kong for Radio Station PromotionI just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all your help with our purchase of "KOOL KONG." Talk about a show stopper! WOW!! "KONG" is the biggest, baddest primate in the California Central Valley. The workmanship is top notch. The art design and paint job are first rate. It's simple to inflate as well as deflate and store. Kids automatically gravitate to "KOOL KONG" and the adults stop and stare. Our logo "jumps" off the inflatable and clients are already lining up to add "KONG" to their on-site events.

- KOOL 92.9FM

Goal #2 - Inflatable Advertising Increases Brand Awareness

Branding - in its most basic form - is an effort to create remembrance in consumers. What could be more memorable than an inflatable 30-foot tall reproduction of your product, mascot or logo? The deep and long-lasting impression that is made by inflatable advertising is one of the most powerful, and greatly lends itself to increasing and maintaining brand awareness, brand identification and brand presence.

As a company, our focus for marketing our brand names has been concentrated on events. We are involved in May festivals, community projects, store grand openings, sporting events, etc. Our Ruthie's Playhouse [inflatable advertising] has been a fantastic addition to our inventory of 'toys.' With our large cow, Ruthie's Playhouse and ice cream products, our ability to make an event a fun day for everyone has been a useful tool in brand awareness. My plan for the future is to add a smaller bounceland to our inventory for use by smaller children and to alleviate the lines somewhat. Thanks again for your great work.

- Country Fresh, Inc. 

Goal #3 - Advertising Inflatables Connect On An Emotional Level With Consumers

It's a proven marketing fact- most buying decisions are emotional - not logical. When there is an emotional connection between the consumer and your company, you win the competitive edge over your competition! Inflatable advertising bridges the gap between "needing" your product or service and "wanting" your product or service. Once you provoke that emotional desire to buy- sales naturally follow.

Inflatable Hornet Football TunnelThe inflatable "JACKET" Sports Entry Tunnel we purchased from you has proven to be a focal point of excitement and pride for the Denison, TX, High School YellowJackets, the Denison Athletic Booster Club and the greater community at large. When the fog machine comes on, the music cranks up and the YellowJackets swarm into that tunnel, the crowd goes wild. Opposing coaches, fans and boosters all comment, oftentimes with envy, that they wish they had such a creative symbol and rallying point as our "JACKET" tunnel.

- Denison Athletic Booster Club 

Goal #4 - Inflatable Advertising Increases Sales/Response

All the time and energy you've put into your marketing plan would be worthless if you didn't achieve your desired end result- increasing sales or response. For businesses, sales are the name of the game. For organizations, schools, teams and other groups, an increase in membership, donations or attendance might be what's needed. Advertising inflatables, once again, answer the call with a proven track record of immediately increasing sales by 20% and creating impulse buys/reactions on the spot!

Inflatable Quiznos Drinking CupRecently, we have acquired several inflatable advertising promotions for our market. All existing or new stores who have chosen to use these promotions have shown substantial sales increases in their locations. We feel a sales increase of $500 daily can be directly attributed to your inflatable cup advertisements. This brings us great exposure in a market where everyone is fighting for brand identity. Thanks to Matt for all his help and we look forward to doing continued business.

- Quiznos Restaurants 

Goal #5 - Advertising Inflatables Offer Easy Implementation

Most marketers have fought the battle of trying to "pull off" an event only to find out that nothing was as easy as it first appeared. Point of sale marketing often becomes cumbersome due to space, mobility or complication. Landmark’s outdoor advertising inflatables, however, are compact when deflated making them easy to transport and store, and lightweight and easy to set up. By using inflatable advertising, your marketing event will come off without a hitch!

Purdue's Inflatable Football TunnelThank you so very much for all of your efforts in creating the newest member of the Purdue mascot family. The customized train tunnel was first introduced during the football season and was well received by the athletes, coaches and fans alike. What we thought was going to be quite a challenge to our game management staff proved to be incredibly easy. We were able to inflate and deflate the tunnel in a matter of minutes, clearing the way for bands and camera crews quickly and effortlessly.

- Purdue University 

Goal #6 - Stay Within Budget

There are very few companies and organizations that have an unlimited amount of money to spend on their marketing efforts. Surprisingly, advertising inflatables are very affordable additions to your plan that not only last and last, but also provide a fabulous return on investment in sales dollars.

Great Clips Inflatable Hot Air ShapesI currently own ten Great Clips franchises and I've used all three of your inflatable styles. I inflate the 8' EZ-Up outdoor advertising inflatable by the road in front of my salons to attract new customers. As a fairly conservative estimate, the EZ-Up attracts 100 new customers per week. Since I typically have the inflatable up for six weeks, I average 600 new customers during a haircut cycle. Assuming a franchisee runs at a 30% profit margin after break-even, then the inflatable will pay for itself 4-6 times within a year. I would strongly recommend the use of inflatables to all Great Clips franchisees because they work.

- Red Hill, Inc., Spokane, Washington

Cartoon Network Inflatable

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