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Get Your Ducks In A Row: A Checklist for Ordering the Right Inflatable for Your Event

Inflatables are one of the most versatile advertising mediums available. They come in a range of sizes, have completely customizable colors and shapes, and can be used in several different environments. However, all that flexibility means you'll want to give some thought to several aspects of using inflatables prior to ordering.

Ordering inflatables isn't a complicated task, but having some information handy when you make your decision will help the process go more smoothly.

It will also help to ensure you get the precise type of inflatable that will best suit your needs for years to come. Before making your final decision, give due consideration to the following questions:

How will the inflatable be used?

Will your inflatable be used strictly for looks or will it function in some way? Booths and tents that shade visitors from the sun and rain are also useful. Ball throws and other games are also available. Let your imagination go wild. Chances are we can create it. Will your inflatable be set up outdoors, indoors or a little of both? The answer can greatly affect the size and shape of your new balloon.

Our new inflatable will be used (Check all that apply.):

• For appearances only.
• To gain attention from a distance.
• To gain attention on-site.
• As a functional booth or tent.
• Other      

What type of installation will you be doing?

Do you plan to install your inflatable on rooftops? At ground level on grass? Concrete? Asphalt? Will you install your new inflatable indoors at tradeshows or other events? Do you have a limited amount of space to display your inflatables? Will electricity be available or will you need a generator? The answers to these questions have a bearing on the type of inflatable you'll want to order and the hardware that should be included.

Our new inflatable will be installed (Check all that apply.):

• On rooftops
• Ground level:[ ] grass [ ] concrete [ ] asphalt [ ] other
• Indoors. Average space at events is _____ x _____ x _____
• Other
• Mobile Marketing Tour

Is a picture of what you want available or will a concept drawing be needed?

• A picture is available.
• A concept drawing is needed.

Who has access to your artwork if product packaging or logos are involved?

Artwork for inflatables can be obtained from:_________________________

How many inflatables will you need?

We'll need ______ inflatables.

Quantity can affect price in some instances so if you plan to order more than one inflatable, please let us know.

When do you need your inflatables?

We'll need our inflatable(s) by __________________.

Rush fees may apply to last-minute projects so order as far in advance as possible. Standard lead times are 4-6 weeks. Also, please note that PMS color fabrics take longer to produce and can add 2-4 weeks to your lead time.

What is your inflatables budget?


With customizable sizes and features, we can produce an inflatable that works with practically any budget. Just notify us of the boundaries we need to work within and we'll create a phenomenal balloon just for you.

Once you have all your information together, give Landmark Creations a call or contact us online. One of our friendly, experienced representatives will be glad to discuss the creation of an inflatable designed to make an impressive visual impact while fitting both your needs and your budget.

If you'd like more information on how to select a reputable inflatables manufacturer, read our article "Choosing A Vendor".