Textured Effects for Custom Inflatables

Sample glass texture on Gray Duck inflatable bottle and Texture Look Book cover.What Are Textures?

You’re probably familiar with Landmark Creations’ ability to produce complex 3-D inflatables and other air-filled items. But did you know that we have mastered the art and science of using textured effects that can be printed onto the fabric?

If you want the branch your inflatable parrot sits on to have tree bark, or that award to look like stainless steel, incorporating textures into your next project might be just what you need.

Common Textures

Element textures are available for wood, glass, stone, metal and water. They are extremely authentic and add a sense of depth and realism to your project. These are only a few of the different textures we're able to replicate, the sky is the limit!

How We Create Textures

The process of creating such lifelike textures is quite complex and fascinating. Basically, it’s a matter of developing the surface art on our models in 3-D then flattening them and digitally printing the texture onto the fabric. 

This can be done in different ways including multi-layer combinations of baking 3-D materials that simulate light and reflections to image manipulation, vector graphics, and multi-dimensional painting. 

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