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The Difference Between Yard Inflatables and Professional Inflatables

Holiday Yard Inflatables

Professional Inflatables vs. Yard Inflatables

Since the introduction of yard inflatables, we've seen our share of questions about the differences in what we offer and what can be bought at a local Wal-Mart store. In an effort to clear up some confusion, we've created a comparison that will help you determine which is the right option for you.

The Same But Different? Not Really. Many people think yard inflatables are just a lower-quality version of custom inflatables. Actually, they are two different things entirely. Think of it this way, you might have a kiddie pool in your backyard or you might have an in-ground pool. Yes, both hold water, and both allow you to get wet, but there are major differences between the two as far as materials, form, function, price, and more. At the end of the day, the two pools are simply not even in the same category. Truth be told, you get what you pay for. Yard inflatables were never meant for commercial use. They were originally designed as holiday novelties that individuals could put in their yards. If that's what you are looking for, by all means, yard inflatables can fit the bill. But for professional marketing purposes, yard inflatables will leave you lacking.

Comparison of Professional & Yard Inflatables


  • Professional inflatables can be custom-created in quantities of 1 to match your design. Custom inflatables from Landmark are typically available to ship from our manufacturing facilities in Burnsville, Minnesota within 4-8 weeks.

  • Yard inflatables are not customizable unless you buy in bulk quantities, most are manufactured in China and must be imported.


  • Professional inflatables are completely adjustable to meet the customer's needs, most custom inflatables range from 10’ - 25’, larger event, festival and touring inflatables range between 20’ - 45’.

  • Yard Inflatables are pre-made in pre-determined sizes, commonly less than 10’.

Blower (Fan)

  • Professional inflatables use industrial-grade blowers developed to perform well with constant use year after year.

  • Yard Inflatables use small, inexpensive blowers designed for very limited use. 


  • Professional inflatables are made from heavyweight 7.5-, 10- or 18-ounce vinyl-coated nylon in solid colors that resist fading for years plus withstand weather, temperature changes, and constant use or printed fabrics using durable nylons & polyesters that perform well indoors or limited outdoor use which are also durable for frequent usage.

  • Yard inflatables are made of lightweight nylon material.


  • Professional inflatables typically have a 2-year warranty.

  • Yard inflatables usually have warranties of 30 to 60 days, dependent on the retailer carrying them.

The bottom line: Buy commercial-grade products for commercial use and budget-grade products for home use. If customization, quality and helpful support are considerations for you, the choice is clear.

Have additional questions? We'd love to answer them for you. Simply contact us today!