Care and Maintenance of Helium Inflatables

Helium inflatables are fun and exciting, but are very different in function and care than cold-air or sealed inflatables. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about helium inflatables that can help you with their use and maintenance.

Q: What's included when I purchase a helium inflatable?

A:  You get practically everything you need except the helium.  When you purchase a helium inflatable from Landmark Creations, we include 135 feet of tether line, quick links and a reel.  You also get a repair kit in case of an accident and complete filling and flying instructions.  Just add helium and you're flying high!

Q:  I've just repaired my helium inflatable with the included patch kit.  How long should I wait before I inflate again?

A:  Because of the way helium inflatables expand and contract with the gas as well as with the air pressure, you'll want to wait a bare minimum of two to three hours.  Ideally, we suggest waiting 24 hours before use after applying a patch.

Q: Landmark's FAQ article says I need 99% pure helium and not medical or party balloon helium. What does that mean?

A: Helium comes in a wide range of grades from 90% up to 99.999%.  Certain industries use different grades for a variety of purposes. For example, medical-grade helium (99.9% pure) is more expensive than the helium gas needed for inflatable blimps.  On the other hand, party balloon helium is not as pure, but comes in very small tanks. To purchase the amount needed for a helium inflatable would make this form of helium cost-prohibitive also.  Helium that is 99% pure is of good quality while also being cost efficient.

Q:  Where can I buy helium to fill my inflatable?

A: Many rental supply centers carry helium tanks for rent. They usually range from 40–300 cu ft. per tank.  Praxair is a helium supplier with locations all across the globe.

Q: How much helium will I need?

A: That depends on the size and shape of your helium inflatable. Landmark will provide specific instructions when we deliver your inflatable, explaining how much helium is needed. For example: a 10' blimp is 72 cu ft. and an 8.5' ball (sphere) is 322 cu ft., so, as you can see, each inflatable will have different needs.

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