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Woof! Custom Fire Dog Mascot Inflates at Turbo Speed

Setting Up Custom Inflatable Mascots in 4 Easy Steps!

How long will it take me to set up my inflatable mascot or character? Only a few minutes!

#1. ZIP: Close The Inflatable's Zipper

Close the zipper on the inflatable. In this video, the zipper is on the back of the mascot. Secure the velcro flap over the zipper.

#2. PLUG-IN: Plug in the Power Cord

Make sure there is enough space for the inflatable shape to inflate without interference. Plug the power cord attached to the external blower system into a standard outlet.

#3. FLIP THE SWITCH: Turn on the Blower System!

Start the blower/fan system attached to the mascot or character by simply flipping the switch.

#4. INFLATE! Stand Back and Watch Your Inflatable Come to Life!

Watch as your custom inflatable comes to life! Many inflatable characters, like Sparky the Fire Dog in this video, will need external tethers to maintain stability on site.