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Repairing Your Custom Inflatable During an Event

Repairing Custom Inflatables During an Event

 Your Landmark Creations inflatable is built tough to resist tons of wear and withstand most winds and weathers. But occasionally it may develop a minor tear. What do you do if the tear appears while your inflatable is in use at your promotional event? If the tear is relatively small, you can repair it yourself onsite. Here’s how.

To Sew the Tear:

The repair kit that came with your inflatable provides scissors, needle, and sturdy thread. Just pinch the torn edges together and sew them closed by hand. For best results, use small, even stitches.

To Patch the Tear:

Your repair kit also includes Tear-Aid®, special transparent adhesive with peel-off backing.

To use this method:

  • Draw a circle or oval around the tear in your inflatable.
  • Place a Tear-Aid® over this circle or oval.
  • Use the scissors (included) to cut the Tear-Aid® to fit the round or oval pattern you’ve drawn.
  • We recommend cutting shapes with rounded edges, as squared corners can peel and curl.
  • Once you’ve cut the Tear-Aid, peel off the backing slightly (not all the way).
  • Gently press the partially peeled Tear-Aid onto the circled tear area.
  • Peel off the rest of the backing to show the transparent sticker underneath.
  • Make sure to press out any air bubbles to create a smooth, clean seal.

What If That’s Not Enough?

Whether you sew the tear or patch it, the quick repair should last throughout the remainder of your event. But what if the patch doesn’t hold? Or what if it doesn’t look presentable? In that case, you may need to send it to Landmark Creations for expert professional repair.

Before you pack and ship your inflatable, follow these precautions:

  • Take photos of the damage and email them to us, so we can assess the damage and give you a repair quote over the phone.
  • Ensure that the inflatable is totally dry. We cannot accept inflatables that have been packed wet.

If the damage was caused by a manufacturing defect, then most likely the repair will be covered under our manufacturer’s warranty. In that case, Landmark Creations will:

  • Cover the full repair cost.
  • Return the repaired inflatable to you via ground shipping.

However, if the damage has occurred during normal use, the warranty does not apply. Depending on your location, the extend of the repair needed, the cause of the damage, and the size/weight of your inflatable display, it may be more cost effective to find a local company to perform the needed repairs.

Types of businesses are generally equipped to repair inflatables:

  • Tent Makers
  • Upholstery Shops
  • Awning Companies
  • Sign Shops
  • Inflatable Rental Companies

Important: Always make sure your inflatable is dry before you pack and ship it. Packing it wet will damage it and void your warranty.

Preventing Damage

Of course, the best way to keep your inflatable intact and working properly is to prevent damage from happening. These tips can help.

  • In windy conditions (greater than 20 mph), check frequently to ensure the anchors are holding.
  • If possible, deflate your inflatable until conditions improve.
  • Never leave deflated balloons on rooftops. The heat, sun exposure, and contact with roofing surface can damage your inflatable.
  • Carefully pack and store it immediately after deflation.
  • Don’t pack a wet inflatable. Not only will bacteria and mold grow, they can deteriorate the material and cause a horrible smell. If you must deflate due to weather, be sure to inflate as soon as weather permits, and allow the inflatable to completely dry before packing & storing.


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