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Custom Inflatable FAQs

Becoming An Inflatables Dealer

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Inflatable Dinosaur

I Want To Be An Inflatables Dealer!

It certainly is flattering!  Anytime we get requests from businesses that want to distribute our products we take it as a testimony to the quality and service we provide.  That’s what makes it difficult to explain that we don’t have dealers - exclusive, territorial or otherwise.  Since the advent of the Internet, it’s nearly an impossible feat.  We do, however offer distributorships for those who are interested.  This allows you to get the quality, custom, and stock shapes you need at a discount in order to resell them to your customers.

Custom Inflatables Ordering Checklist

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Inflatable Duck Mascot

Get Your Ducks In A Row: A Checklist for Ordering the Right Inflatable for Your Event.

Inflatables are one of the most versatile advertising mediums available. They come in a range of sizes, have completely customizable colors and shapes, and can be used in several different environments. However, all that flexibility means you'll want to give some thought to several aspects of using inflatables prior to ordering.

Custom Pricing for Custom Inflatables

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Custom Inflatable Prices

Why aren't there any prices listed on your site?

Because we create custom inflatables we have no set price list. Each project is quoted based on your precise specifications.  As you might expect, a 6-foot sealed inflatable sphere with a simple design will cost significantly less than a 30-foot tall product replica.

Depending on the type and size, custom inflatables from Landmark Creations can run between $500 and $25,000.  Every aspect of your project is considered so you get the perfect size for your event(s) along with exacting detail in the design and production of your balloon. What's more, the use of premium materials guarantees true value that performs well for years to come. The results are obvious the first time your inflatable goes public: crowds look, people gather and cameras begin to click. That's the Landmark advantage.

Zoning Regulations (Pulling Permits) for Inflatables

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Zoning and Permits for Custom InflatablesAm I Allowed to Use Advertising Inflatables for My Business?

The zoning of inflatable outdoor advertising falls to each, individual city.  That, in and of itself, should be enough to tell you this is a complicated issue. Policies for using inflatables oftentimes fall under the city’s sign ordinance. Oftentimes policies are ambiguous, referring to inflatables as “ambient” balloons or devices, which could apply to either helium or cold-air inflatables. Other cities are more specific.

Just as the definition of inflatables is confusing, actual regulations can be just as frustrating to comprehend. So what is a business to do? Here is some information we've gathered over the years from a variety of sources. This information does not equate to suggestions from Landmark Creations but is rather a list of facts and opinions for you to take into consideration when researching the zoning regulations in your town.

Which Inflatable Type Is Right For You?

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A Fork in the Road

Effectively Choosing the Inflatable That's Right for You

Making the decision to include inflatables in your marketing mix is definitely a step in the right direction. However, many people mistakenly believe that all inflatables are huge, fan-driven, balloons that must be used outdoors or in very large indoor arenas. This is simply not true.

There are many types and sizes of inflatables that can fit with practically any event or promotion. So, how do you choose the right one for you? Just use the simple chart below!

Getting Started - Basic FAQ

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Basic Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising Inflatables

Q: What is a cold-air inflatable?

A: Custom inflatables that are labeled cold-air require a blower system (fan) to keep them upright. Cold-air inflatables include sports tunnels, large product replicas, mascots, rooftop inflatables, etc. Cold-air inflatables do not “fly” or float in the air like helium-filled inflatables.

Q. I’m looking to rent an inflatable (fill-in-the-blank) – can Landmark help me?

A. Sorry, but no. We do not rent inflatables, each of our structures are custom manufactured for purchase only. We do not have anything in-stock as everything is made to order with your specific needs in mind. We think it’s better that way!

Artwork: The Make-or-Break Element of Your Inflatable

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Artist with Inflatable Painting Equipment

If You Think About It, Custom Inflatables Are Really Just a Giant Piece of Artwork

While the size and shape can be designed and produced without images, your inflatable won't take on its personality without artwork.

As vital as this element of the process is, you might think it would be one of the most pressing issues inflatables’ manufacturers address.  Not so.  In fact, other manufacturers often downplay it so much that the overall look and quality of your inflatable suffer just so that the manufacturer can offer a lower price. That's because artwork greatly affects the pricing; sometimes even more than the size of the inflatable.

“[Our inflatable tunnel has] increased players & parents enthusiasm and recognition in the league for having a good program.”

- Will Forrestal, Apex Sports Authority

"Give our races a 'big event' feel.  They look cool in photos and videos, and they help us establish the look and feel of our brand."

- Sam Abbitt, Savage Race