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Custom Inflatable FAQs

Sizing Up Truck Bed Parade Floats

Posted in Before You Order

truck parade float power lines1“I’m Using an Inflatable in the Back of My Truck at a Local Parade, How Big Can I Make It?”

Using custom inflatables in truck beds is a very popular option for parades because they’re easy to set-up, cost-effective, and require very little management. There are two basic configurations for hauling custom inflatables on the back of a truck; inside the truck bed or on a platform above the truck bed. The dimensions of your inflatable will be based on which configuration you use.

Advertising Inflatables Fabrics

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Inflatable Fabric SwatchesInflatable Fabrics: Getting the Most For Your Inflatable Dollar

In order to make the best decision possible for your investment, it is necessary to have sound information about the various aspects involved in the manufacturing process. Through the information presented in this article, you will find the details you need to help you get the most for your inflatable dollar.

Becoming An Inflatables Dealer

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Inflatable Dinosaur

I Want To Be An Inflatables Dealer!

It certainly is flattering!  Anytime we get requests from businesses that want to distribute our products we take it as a testimony to the quality and service we provide.  That’s what makes it difficult to explain that we don’t have dealers - exclusive, territorial or otherwise.  Since the advent of the Internet, it’s nearly an impossible feat.  We do, however offer distributorships for those who are interested.  This allows you to get the quality, custom, and stock shapes you need at a discount in order to resell them to your customers.

Artwork: The Make-or-Break Element of Your Inflatable

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Artist with Inflatable Painting Equipment

If You Think About It, Custom Inflatables Are Really Just a Giant Piece of Artwork

While the size and shape can be designed and produced without images, your inflatable won't take on its personality without artwork.

As vital as this element of the process is, you might think it would be one of the most pressing issues inflatables’ manufacturers address.  Not so.  In fact, other manufacturers often downplay it so much that the overall look and quality of your inflatable suffer just so that the manufacturer can offer a lower price. That's because artwork greatly affects the pricing; sometimes even more than the size of the inflatable.

How to Set Up & Take Down Truck Bed Parade Floats

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

truck parade float top view2 1024x614How to Set Up a Cold-Air Inflatable Inside a Truck Bed

 It’s becoming more common to haul cold-air inflatables via truck at local parades. Not only do parade inflatables attract attention and generate buzz for organizations and local businesses, but they're also are easy to set up, manage, and takedown. The information below was put together to help you pull off a successful parade float using cold-air inflatables.

Rooftop Installations of Custom Inflatables

Posted in Installation Tips and Tricks

CC's Inflatable Coffee Cup on Rooftop

The Professional's How-to Guide for Rooftop Installations of Inflatables

Rooftop installations of cold-air inflatables are not something to be taken lightly. They are not the same as helium rooftop installations or ground installations. Because of the sheer height involved and the special considerations a rooftop installation entails, you'll need to be extra cautious.  This article will outline the necessary steps for rooftop installations. However, if you own an inflatable or are thinking of buying one, I strongly suggest you hire a professional to conduct at least your first install. 

"[The logo] helped us create a better presence, improved foot traffic, became a photo backdrop and helped us have the best-looking booth at the events,"

- Laura Repreza, KTLM Telemundo 40

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center