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Generate Big-Time Buzz with a Cold-Air, Inflatable Product Replica

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Inflatable Lennox AC Replica

Lennox Has a "Fantastic" Launch, Thanks to an Inflatable Product Replica

When you're launching a product, nationally achieving certain goals becomes a priority. In the top five are creating buzz and capturing attention. You want all eyes on you, as you unveil your latest offering to the world.

Lennox Industries, a leading OEM provider of residential and commercial HVAC equipment, understood this all too well.

That's why, when they strategized on how to introduce their new XC25 unit, Lennox went all out. David Nark, Director of Product Management, explains, "The goal of the inflatable [product replica] was to generate awareness of our new XC25 split air conditioner at seven regional events within the U.S.

"The [cold-air] inflatable was a fantastic way of getting immediate attention on this new product introduction which drove awareness and generated a lot of buzz."

Just how much buzz are we talking about? "We have generated a tremendous amount of interest in the new product. In fact, we have customers visiting our social media site asking if they can 'pre-buy' the new product." Now that's what we call achieving your goals!

They could have picked any company to manufacture their cold-air inflatable, so why Landmark? "Landmark Creations has an outstanding reputation as the leading manufacturer of [cold-air inflatable replicas]. We knew that they would be able to meet our time and budget constraints while developing a great product."

You can have a custom product replica for your next launch, too. Give us a ring and let's talk.

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Inflatable Product Replicas | Inflatables for Industrial Marketers

"This year’s event was the highest attended in some time, and the [inflatable] astronaut, front and center on our Portico, was a great visible draw from all over the area."

- Dennis Bateman, Carnegie Science Center

“The huge cereal bag could be seen from anywhere and was a nice draw to gather people to the tents we had set up.”

- Anika Hage, WatersMolitor

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