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Protests & Activists

Special financing opportunities, membership drives and event promotions are all great occasions to include inflatables. Whether it's a giant inflatable logo on the rooftops of your credit union branches or a sealed inflatable giveaway, it's easy to add up the value of Landmark Creations’ inflatables.

“We knew Landmark was the only company that would be able to understand our vision and work to make it come to life.”

- Lelia King, Charlotte Center City Partners

“This has created tremendous buzz around town and we have received a great deal of compliments on the Big Tire. Exposure is my goal, and the inflatable does that better than anyone, including me, can do at these events. The Big Tire never takes a break, gets tired or has to take a call. It just keeps shining bright and the kids love it.”

- Ed Chaney, Ed Chaney Tire Center Inc.

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