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Inflatable Mascots Make for a Great Grand Opening Idea

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Ashley Furniture's Inflatable Doctor Mascot at Clinic Grand Opening

Ashley Furniture Wellness Center "Big Guy"

When Ashley Furniture called and requested we make a smiley-faced doctor for their grand opening, we were a little confused. A doctor for a furniture store? Once they explained, it all made sense.

Ashley Furniture, in conjunction with a local medical facility, opened an on-campus clinic for employees and covered family members.  To help announce the new clinic, they created a friendly cartoon doctor to serve as their mascot.  Used in all communications and marketing about the new facility, Ashley decided the doc would make a wonderful grand opening idea. They contacted Landmark Creations to design a 15-foot-tall inflatable mascot.

 They were hoping that the addition of the inflatable version of the mascot would provide big benefits at the grand opening and also press conferences. What results did they get? Improved foot traffic, more recognition, positive comments from everyone and press coverage on TV, radio and in the newspaper.

Shannon Duha, Creative Director for Ashley commented, "The inflatable exceeded our expectations of use. Everyone immediately sought an answer for 'what he was doing there' - it was PERFECT!"

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"Landmark worked with us to make sure our client was satisfied with the product. They provided great customer service and got us answers when we needed them."

- April Lo, SKA Events

"I was especially impressed with your ability to turn around such excellent work on very short notice, and at a fair price."

- Richard Stever-Zeitlin, General Mills