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Inflatable Mascot Cows & Pigs Highlight National 5K Fun Run For Charity

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Inflatable CowsInflatable Characters Improved Visibility Of Country-Themed 5K Race

What is it they say about the cows coming home? And pigs flying? Who would have thought the inflatable varieties of these barnyard critters would help raise funds for charity?

According to Viviana Durand, Project Manager for The CE Group event marketing company, it was the "adorable" factor that landed these inflatable mascots their starring role at the race.


A fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, this 5K road race took the form of an eight-city tour that spanned two months (from September to November). The country theme demanded cute pigs, piglets and cows to draw attention to the race and add yet one more element of cuteness.

An excellent backdrop for the event, these inflatable mascots were a big hit with the kids and offered a social media magnet (people just couldn't help taking pics and sharing them all over the Net).

While The CE Group could have used other materials for their animals, the fact that inflatables travel so well and make a huge impact gave them the edge. At the end of the tour, the Country Run raised over $1 million for its cause. That's something to squeal about!

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“The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

- David Parker, Pacific Road Runners Club

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center

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