Inflatable Mascot Draws a Crowd at Events Across the Country

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20161031 Inflatable Case Study 16x9 12The Butcher Boys Inflatable Mascot Draws a Crowd at Fairs and Parades

For a food vendor, there are two ways to stand out on a crowded midway: Sell the best sandwiches, or have an eye-catching mascot. F & W Concessions' Butcher Boys does both, and it shows in their success.

With events planned across the country, owner Dennis Fraleigh wanted to add an inflatable mascot that could be pulled via a trailer to his setup. A lightweight, portable balloon built for travel was easy for Landmark Creations to deliver.

Standing more than 10 feet tall, the towering Butcher Boys invite visitors to enjoy F & W Concessions' signature dish, a London broil steak sandwich, or any of the other mouthwatering feasts they offer.

Clearly the strategy worked. The Butcher Boys recently made an appearance at the Minnesota State Fair — one of the largest in the country — where they were a huge hit with customers and staff alike.

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