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Otis the Inflatable Dog is a Local Legend

Posted in Financial Industry Marketing Using Inflatables

Inflatable Dog Mascot at Fourth of July Parade

Northern State Bank of Virginia Inflatable Dog

Otis the dog accompanies his owner, the President of Northern State Bank of Virginia, to work every day faithfully. He's become quite a fixture and is considered one of the team. In fact, Otis is so well loved, he's moved into the position of official bank mascot. Because the public loves him so, his presence is often requested at community events.  But for such a small creature, crowds are not always a good thing. Enter Otis the inflatable mascot.

The perfect solution was to create an inflatable Otis that could be used as a parade balloon and in other capacities. Nicknamed "Big O," this inflatable mascot has become almost as popular as the original. Bank representative Jodi Laeupple commented, "The whole town looks forward to seeing the big Otis balloon during parades and local events. Big O really makes a statement!"

Since Landmark inflatables are multipurpose, they can easily be used as parade balloons, outside a storefront during the grand opening, on your rooftop to announce specials and in dozens of other ways. And when they are as cute as Otis, everybody wants to stop and take a look!

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"People love the inflatable! It's been a great photo op for History Center guests."

- Laura Geffre-Rick, Minnesota Historical Society

"We had the inflatable hockey player out in front of the coliseum and it caused such a crowd! Thanks for the professional job you and your company did for me!"

- Scott Adams, Liquid Box Inc.