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Custom Inflatables Help Charities, Fundraisers and Foundations Extend the Reach of their Events

When you champion a cause, publicity becomes a key element. Landmark Creations has years of experience in developing inflatables that constantly get press coverage.

Marketing At Nonprofit And Community Events Is More Successful With Inflatables

Inflatables Build Excitement at Community Events and Wherever Fun Is Found

From fundraisers to festivals and parades to parties, marketing at nonprofit events in your community can have a huge payoff if you do it right. There's a threefold combination for success when marketing in the community. Events have to be relevant to your company. You have to be visible even in large crowds, and you must have a way to attract attention. One of the smartest tools used at community events that cause attendees to gravitate toward your booth or display is inflatables.

Because Landmark Creations custom designs inflatables to your exact specifications, you can be confident of the results when marketing at nonprofit events. Community-wide carnivals, fairs, galas and more will open the door for highly targeted, face-to-face communication with those you most hope to reach with your advertising message.

Landmark Creations can help you convert more prospects to customers by giving you the excitement and visibility you need to make a strong visual connection with:

  • Parade Balloons – Creative, animated and fun! As you pass down the streets lined with onlookers, you'll only have a few seconds to make a memorable impression. With the help of Landmark Creations, you will!
  • Inflatable Tents – Well built in order to withstand constant use, inflatable tents are quite handy at community events since they provide shelter from sun and rain. They are also bright and colorful, so they're easily seen.
  •  Sports Cages – Adults and kids love sports cages. Hockey slap shots, soccer goals and more can be designed to connect with your target audience by displaying your branding and advertising message in a way that really sticks.
  • Inflatable Kiosks - Giving away samples? Selling products or services? Inflatable kiosks make conducting business at community events easy and convenient.
  • Inflatable Costumes - Let your mascot meet and greet the crowd live and in person with lightweight, inflatable costumes.

Co-Op Advertising Funds

Most inflatables can be equipped with interchangeable advertising banners that will qualify for national co-op funding. Local advertisers can also be eager to purchase ads on your inflatable. You can quickly recoup your investment in a short period of time.