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Custom Inflatables for Radio Station Remotes & Promotions

For contests, remote broadcasts, fairs or any other events you regularly attend, inflatable mascots, inflatable logos and more get you far more attention than vans or signs.

Develop Radio Promotions That Draw Bigger Crowds & Create Station Loyalty

For radio stations, advertising is a two-edged sword. Giving advertisers an audience before their specific target group is the way you make your money. In order to develop that target group, however, you must market yourself to gain audience share. Inflatables have a long history of working well for broadcasting mediums because they offer much more than a giant balloon. They satisfy the demands of radio promotions and radio marketing.

Radio promotions, including remote broadcasts, have to be noticeable. The goal is to drive traffic into a business that the business might not have had otherwise. Using vans or cars decked out with station logos, playing loud music and offering giveaways are great elements to radio promotions. But if you want to reach crowds across a large mall parking lot or across a busy intersection, something large, colorful and highly visible will be needed. That means using inflatables.

Radio marketing plays on many of the same principles, except the focus is not driving traffic to a local business: it's driving listeners to program your station into their radio presets. Inflatables play a tremendous role in radio marketing because they give you an identifiable mascot or logo to use at fairs, community gatherings and other public events.

Even more important, is the fact that inflatables accomplish the most important goals of radio marketing and promotions.

Whether you want a way to beef up the success of remotes or an eye-catching mascot that offers an instantly identifiable brand, inflatables are the key. Boost traffic to your advertisers' locations while also reinforcing station recognition with the use of giant inflatables, small inflatable giveaways and other highly effective marketing tools.