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RETAIL - Custom Inflatables for Retail Stores and Mall Promotions

From gardening supplies to cat litter to potato chips, inflatables and retail event promotions go hand in hand. In addition to smaller point of purchase inflatables, Giant custom inflatables draw crowds to sales events.

Bring More Excitement to Your Store with Clever Sales Promotion Ideas

Moving sale items quickly becomes easier when you use imaginative retail promotions. Creating just the right level of excitement in your retail store marketing helps customers get in a spending mood. Landmark Creations has helped boost the response to retail marketing / advertising for years with eye-catching inflatables.

Enhance all your sales promotion ideas by outfitting your store with inflatable ceiling hangers, signage and more.

  • Cold-Air Inflatable Balloons – Twenty, 30, 40 feet high! On your sidewalk or on your roof, these giants have an imposing presence that turns heads from far and near. Bring more foot traffic into your location when you welcome shoppers with giant inflatables.
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays – For special discounts or department-exclusive retail promotions, add inflatables right at the point of display or purchase. Customers naturally flock toward inflatables.
  • Sealed Inflatable Giveaways – Everybody loves a freebie. Hand out inflatable key chains, picture frames, balls or other goodies to the first customers of the day and watch a line form at your door.
  • Inflatable Kiosks – Here are two excellent sales promotion ideas. Conduct retail promotions that allow customers to take an extra percentage off already discounted merchandise. Another is allowing customers to buy a coupon for a set price that then gives them a set percentage off everything in the store that day. Set up an inflatable kiosk to hand out coupons in an easy and orderly manner.