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Custom Inflatables for Sports Teams and Sporting Events

Sports marketing & promotions are often fueled by emotion… the emotions of the fans, that is! Before the age of cable TV and the Internet, cheering for the home team meant the team was from your hometown. With global teams vying for the attention of fans, sports marketing has become a serious business. The same holds true for manufacturers and retailers of sporting goods.

Sports Marketing: Inflatables Are The Champions Of Sports Marketing And Promotions

Inflatables Are the Champions of Sports Marketing and Promotions

In sports - public relations, marketing & advertising are what drive interest. Interest drives crowds and crowds equate to press coverage, sponsorships, admission fees and more. Whether it's pro, high school or college sports marketing, getting fans in the stands is the primary goal. Without the emotional and financial support of those who love sports, team owners and schools would be left with nothing to cheer about.

Inflatables work to relate with fans in many ways so they continue to buy game day tickets, souvenirs, and team apparel. Likewise, inflatable balloons, create excitement as well as strengthen the efforts of your mascot, cheerleaders, and other morale-builders.

  • Sports Tunnels - For high school, pro or college sports marketing and promotions, inflatable sports tunnels are proven to bring crowds to their feet. An awesome sight: everybody gets pumped when your team charges onto the field through a custom-designed sports tunnel.
  • Inflatable AirTents - Tailgating, team appearances, event marketing tours, and more will have greater success with the use of large, colorful inflatable tents - all custom-designed, of course.
  • Inflatable Arches - Start and finish lines are always points of concentrated attention. Take advantage of that captive audience with inflatable sports arches that drive home team branding.
  • Sport Cages - Because kids and adults love trying their hand at showing their athletic abilities, portable soccer goals are an excellent draw for all sporting events.

Don't forget, you can create revenue to pay for your sports marketing and promotions by selling sponsor ads on your inflatables.

Sporting Goods Sales & Marketing

Inflatables also increase exposure and sustain branding for sporting goods. Sales, marketing, and public relations efforts for manufacturers and retailers are greatly supported when inflatables take the field at mobile events, games and trade shows.

Inflatables do much more still. They help you accomplish the most important aspects of marketing. By using inflatables, you can see your sports marketing and promotions multiply into a frenzy of fan and press activity.

Landmark Creations has developed some of the most unique sports tunnels, inflatable tents and archways to date and it would be our pleasure to create one for you. Want your sports inflatable to pay for itself? Ask us about ideas for generating sponsor revenue.