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Custom Inflatable Art Makes A Statement In Exhibits & Sculptures

Stretch your creative muscles by using inflatable art. Highly portable, extremely lifelike and much less costly than traditional mediums, custom inflatable art is perfect for museums, exhibits, sculptures, modern art and more.

Lifelike, Custom Inflatable Art Makes a Modern Statement While Reducing Expenses

The flexibility of inflatables combined with the enormous talent of our designers makes custom inflatable art an emerging new trend. It's fully feasible to create a few realistic inflatable sculptures with a strong resemblance to stone, metal and other materials. Or, if need be, produce entire inflatable art exhibits that are significantly lighter weight, more mobile and drastically less expensive than traditional art.

How is Inflatable Art Used? In a wide variety of ways.

  • Inflatable art exhibits allow for interesting new displays at museums that take far less setup time than other forms of art.
  • Inflatable sculptures give artists a way to stretch their creative muscles with materials that aren't limiting to his/her creative process.
  • Custom inflatable art opens the door for stage productions, corporations, small- to medium-sized businesses, charitable organizations and others to include this innovative approach in their marketing plans without blowing the budget.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Progressive artists from a variety of genres have conceptualized pieces we've produced as custom inflatable art for installation pieces around the world.