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Product: L7633

Floating Museum 'The Garden'

These custom inflatable sculptures are part of the Floating Museum’s installation ‘The Garden’, a collaboration with Kushala Vora featured at Expo Chicago 2023. ‘The Garden’ project is intended to start conversations and showcase performances about the movement of people and plants. The inflatable sculptures are designed to represent the role of plants in shaping the world and how they have affected ecological change, colonialism, capitalism, and violence. The project focuses on exploring the themes of diaspora, improvisation, and creating a space for musicians and performers. The sculpture and platform transform into a performance series at night, and docents engage the public during the day. The project aims to create a pluralistic approach to monumentality by blurring the lines between dialogic platform, sculpture, and performance. Learn more about this installation and all of the Floating Museum projects at


  • Dimensions: H: 30 L: 20 W: 22.5
  • Includes: Blower system, storage bag, installation hardware & repair kit

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