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A Giant Inflatable Colon Makes Health Education Fun: Inflatable Colons - Anatomy Replicas

Whether you’re promoting a medical organization, or pharmaceutical product, giant anatomy replicas like our inflatable colon, help explain complex health issues with strong visuals.

How can you make health screenings and awareness exhibits more desirable? By giving people an inside look at their bodies. Most organizations focus their attention on educating strictly through facts and figures. However, we’ve found that an interactive, walk-through colon or heart gets people interested faster than any brochure or leaflet ever could.

Get Up-Close And Personal With A Walk-Through Colon

While a discussion of colon functions and diseases might be necessary, it’s difficult for some to warm up to. But turn that conversation into a giant inflatable colon that folks can walk through and suddenly it’s interesting.

As visitors stroll through the inflatable likeness of the colon, they’ll find polyps, pre-cancerous lesions and other things to beware of along with descriptive signs and educational materials. Putting an animated twist on the serious topic of colon health eases anxiety and opens the door to a more relaxed and enlightening discussion that can save lives.

For medical professionals looking to promote a medical organization or a pharmaceutical product, giant anatomy replicas like our inflatable colon offer a powerful visual aid to more effectively explain complex health topics. Combining the visual impact of our 3D model with the detailed explanations of your product or service, you can reach your target audience in a meaningful and memorable way.