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Inflatable Animals & Wildlife Replicas

Giant inflatable animal and wildlife replicas give you a tamer way to heed the call of the wild. These life size inflatable animals are so realistic they boost curiosity and foot traffic to your location.

Giant inflatable animal and wildlife replicas offer event coordinators a wild and exciting way to draw in crowds. With their lifelike size and appearance, these inflatable figures are sure to spark curiosity and boost foot traffic at your event!

They’re Fierce…  They’re Enormous …These Life Size Inflatable Wildlife Replicas Make Mother Nature Proud

A 65-foot whale. A 19-foot komodo dragon. A colossal rhino. No, it’s not some bizarre cross between sci-fi and Wild Kingdom.These are giant inflatable animals custom-crafted in practically every shape and size you can imagine.

Wildlife Replicas Pique Curiosity

Because mobile marketing is all about standing out in a crowd, the size of these wildlife replicas seriously raises the curiosity factor. Who wouldn’t willingly cross a crowded room (or parking lot) to get a closer look at a 20-foot tall, giant inflatable bass crashing through the top water, ready to strike?

The detail and realism of the inflatables we produce is truly remarkable which creates a bit of a phenomenon. The desire to get closer to these wildlife replicas is hard to resist which leads droves of people -- and press -- to your location.

Life Size Inflatable Animals Boost Branding

If your brand is linked to a wildlife theme or mascot, life-size inflatable animals can instill an emotional connection like nothing else. You’ll easily reinforce the loyalty of current customers while attracting interest from prospects. And because you’ll carry the wildlife theme throughout your event or promotion, every element will strengthen your core message.

Giant Inflatable Animals Travel Well

Moving your inflatable from one location to the next won’t be at all like herding cats. These giant inflatable animals migrate with ease in their own carrying cases. What’s more, they inflate and deflate in just minutes buying you valuable time in your hectic setup and tear-down schedule.

Whether you ship them from door to door or toss them in the back of an SUV for a road trip, you’ll find the flexibility and user-friendly features a breeze to work with.