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Giant Inflatables For Outdoor Films

Outdoor movies have become wildly popular over the years. Take advantage of that captive audience with customized inflatable movie screens from Landmark Creations.

Inflatable Movie Screens Make for Outdoor Movie Fun

Do something pretty unique for your next promotion: Erect an inflatable movie screen and draw a huge crowd to your event. They are so easy to install. You just plug them in, turn on the blower and up come the inflatable screens. Outdoor movies are popular all across the country because they put a fun twist on one of our favorite pastimes. Even many cruise lines are incorporating this form of entertainment on their ships.

Inflatable Movie Screens

All you need is a projector and an electricity source. We do the rest! Made of top-quality nylon, these inflatable screens are durable enough for extended use outside. Custom-created, you can choose the size you need: 15 feet tall, 20 feet tall… 30 feet tall if you want it! Common designs look like either a traditional theater screen or a large-screen plasma screen, but we can easily create any specific design you have in mind.

Sell Sponsorships to Outdoor Movies

What's more, you can use inflatable movie screens to raise money. Select an inflatable screen design with enough border space to hang banners and then sell sponsorships to each movie you show. With a captive audience who is face-forward to the screen for hours, this form of advertising is always a hit with sponsors. Start a summer outdoor movie series this year.