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Self-Supporting, These Portable Shelters Are Easy To Transport And Quick To Set Up: Emergency Shelters - Rehab Tents

Once on-site, the inflatable shelter can be standing within five-minutes. Equally as important, it deflates and rolls up with ease allowing firefighters to arrive and depart scenes with little effort.

Firefighters, get to the scene of an emergency fast--in just five minutes--with an inflatable shelter! This lightweight solution is easy to set up and once you're done, just deflate and roll it up with ease so you can move out quickly.

Inflatable Tent Features


Roll-Up Zipper Doors in front back walls

Clear windows & roll down fabric panels in side walls

Ceiling hardware for internal lighting*

Vent panels fit external ducted A/C and heating systems

Advantages of Self-Supporting Inflatable Shelters




Easy to set up

Flame Retardant Materials (NFPA)

2-year Warranty

Advantages of "Cold-Air" Inflatables

Because Landmark’s rehab and medical tents are cold-air inflatables (meaning they require a fan system to stay inflated), they are constructed from a lighter weight material than their sealed (airtight) counterparts, which makes them very easy to transport. The standard tent systems pack into 30” round carrying bags and weigh between 80# (small system) to 150# (large system).

They can be transported using standard SUVs, trucks, or vans and conveniently stored when not in use. Cold-air inflatables also carry less risk of failure in the field than sealed systems because they will stay inflated even if punctured, and there is no risk leaking or faulty valves that can occur with sealed inflatable structures.