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Inflatable Event Shelters & AirTents

For mobile marketing, sporting events and more, inflatable tents and domes offer many benefits. With 360 degrees of artwork visibility, your message - or a sponsor's message - can be seen in all directions.

Looking For Creative Advertising Ideas? Inflatable Tents & Domes Naturally Draw A Crowd

Fairs, boat shows, auto shows, mobile marketing tours, sporting events, auto dealerships and more can all benefit from the exceptional creative advertising power of inflatable tents. You'll draw crowds from far and wide because these inflatable tents are unique, big and colorful. The combination of those three features always captures the attention of people passing by.

Use your inflatable tent as a registration point for marathons and races. Or have athletes gather after the event for some much-needed shade and a cool drink. For handing out promotional freebies or other creative advertising products, and meet and greets with political candidates or celebrities, inflatable tents are a surefire way to gain attention and increase foot traffic.

Extreme Mobility, Lighter Weight and Ease of Assembly Mean Landmark Tents are a Snap to Use

Inflatable tents offer some tremendous advantages because they are extremely mobile, lightweight and offer plug-and-play use. Quick and simple inflation, deflation, packing and shipping give you the freedom to take these domes anywhere during your mobile creative advertising campaign. Compared to stake & post tents, Landmarks domes are noticeably lighter weight which makes installation and breakdown times significantly less. If you have visions of struggling with an octopus-like camping tent… banish them! You can be up and running smoothly in under 5 minutes.

Inflatable AirTents Give 360 Degrees of Artwork Visibility

Circular is a good thing when you're in the middle of a crowd. You want people to have a clear view of you, your logo and your message. It's all a part of the creative advertising process that helps build brand recognition and reinforce consumer memory for your product or service.

Inflatable Tents Offer Ample Space to Print Your Logo, Slogan or Other Message

You'll be visible from all directions, regardless where your tent is located. That gives you up to six times more promotional space than an ordinary sign, plus the advantages of having an eye-catching dome.

Constructed of rugged 7-ounce to 18-ounce vinyl nylon, your inflatable tent is flame-retardant and offers UV protection to help preserve your brilliant colors and artwork. Each of our inflatable tents comes complete with everything you need for easy setup and operation, including:

Blower System - Top-of-the-line blower allows your tent to inflate in just minutes and also assists with deflation.

Tethers and Ground Stakes - Ensure your tent stays put by using the provided tether straps and ground stakes as secure anchors.

Installation Hardware - Every clip and fastener you need is included for your convenience.

Repair Kit - Quickly get back up and running again after an accident with this repair kit designed specifically for inflatable tents.

Custom Storage Bag - For times when your dome is not in use, keep it safe with this custom storage bag.

Shipping Container - On a mobile marketing tour? Now it's easier than ever to ship your inflatable tent. Just place it in its customized shipping container and off it goes.

Optional Inflatable Tent Additions:

Quick-Zip Doors - Direct traffic through their inflatable tents or protect the people and contents of the tent from the elements.

Custom Lighting System - Seamlessly take your events from day to night by using inflatable tents with custom lighting systems and continue your promotion into the evening hours.