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Generate A Marketing Buzz With Custom Inflatables From Landmark Creations

Inflatables are people magnets! Want to draw a crowd? Need press coverage? Landmark inflatables help you get both.

Nothing Creates Marketing Buzz Quite Like Custom Inflatables

Guerilla marketing. Grassroots marketing. Buzz marketing. These terms describe a type of ingenious small-business marketing that relies on using your time, energy and imagination in lieu of unlimited marketing budgets. When you need to get the biggest bang for your tightly held buck, advertising inflatables are the way to go.

Why? Because inflatables never "just do the job." They always go far above the call of duty. By their very nature, custom inflatables attract the attention of consumers because they are visually appealing. But, they also have this remarkable habit of ending up in local newspapers, in blogs, on the nightly news, in local magazines and more. They are, in essence, publicity magnets.

Buy an advertising inflatable once and it will pay for itself repeatedly by generating consistent marketing buzz. Want some examples?

Inflatable Product Replicas - Own a sandwich shop? Place an inflatable sub outside your door during grand opening week. Championing a cause? Use a cigarette pack pointing a gun to its head to get people talking. Whatever the reason, inflatables make a mighty impact on all those who see them.

Inflatable Mascots - Kids and adults get a kick out of walking, talking mascots. Whether you position them inside or outside a business or use them to create marketing buzz for a nonprofit organization, they make a personal connection with all who meet them.

Inflatable Archways - Use them for charity runs, races for a cure, company-sponsored athletic events, in support of the President's Challenge and countless other ways. Custom inflatable archways give a great deal of exposure in front of attendees and the media because all eyes get locked on the finish line.

Inflatable Sports Cages - Want to raise money for charity? Need a way to differentiate yourself when event marketing and exhibiting at tradeshows? People (and the press) get excited about sports cages. These interactive advertising inflatables are fun and can be customized with permanent branding or interchangeable banners.