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Giant Inflatables Bring More Fun To Festivals & Fairs

School or town festivals, county or state fairs… they are all popular applications for event marketing. When you participate in something that draws big crowds, the key is to make yourself visible. Inflatable air booths, sports cages and more help you stand out.

Make a Big Impression at Festivals & Fairs with Giant Inflatables

Oh, what fun! Festivals, fairs, and other local celebrations are always busy venues for exhibitors. In order to gain the attention of fairgoers, you'll need to get above the noise and confusion, not blend into it. One of the best ways is by using inflatable advertising balloons that serve a dual purpose.

For instance:

  • Inflatable Tents - Welcome visitors into your covered dome where you can set up tables and chairs, give away samples, register people for a drawing and much more. This form of inflatable advertising will serve you best when imprinted with your logo or brand name, or when used with interchangeable banners.

  • Advertising Blimps - Rising high above the crowd, blimps are an interesting form of advertising. The giant inflatables can be tethered to a ground stake or flown via remote control. We can even give them the ability to drop coupons or other goodies on the crowd below.

  • Hot Air Shapes - Hot air balloons are one of the most recognized shapes. While the bright colors garner the attention of onlookers, your message will be communicated clearly for all to see.

  • Inflatable Sports Cages - Sports cages are no ordinary giant inflatables. Yes, they can be imprinted with your logo, brand or message. But, it's their ability to attract crowds that is their calling card. These wildly popular exhibits are interactive and frequently cause lines to form. While folks are waiting to bat, kick or throw, you can speak with them about your product or service.

Giant Inflatables Created from Your Ideas

Because all our inflatables are custom-made, we can develop unique games, airbooths, kiosks and more to meet your specific needs. Have a vision for a fun exhibit? Let's talk! Our talented designers are pros at turning ideas into workable inflatables.