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Custom Inflatables Offer Consistent Messaging For Franchise Marketing

Whether you’re a franchisee or the owner of a franchise, marketing products need to be consistent and effective at increasing traffic. That’s precisely what you get with each custom-designed Landmark inflatable.

Overcoming the Most Pressing Challenges of Franchise Marketers

When it comes to franchises, special marketing challenges arise. Two that stand out from the rest are consistency and increasing traffic. One of the most pressing is consistency. As the franchise owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure every element of every location throughout the chain is the same. From the product to the floor plan to the advertising message being delivered to customers; consistency is key. This is precisely what makes Landmark Creations' inflatables a perfect match for franchises.

Several Elements Give Landmark the Edge over Other Inflatables Manufacturers

Due to advanced technology we’re able to match colors to precisely the shades your franchise uses. In addition, our award-winning staff has the talent and experience to produce high quality, exact product replicas of any item you choose that bears your franchise’s logo… everything is consistent.

Once Your Inflatables Are Put into Service, You’ll Begin to Notice Increases in Foot Traffic to the Locations Using Inflatables

That’s because inflatables create a powerful draw that people simply can’t resist. Giant, inflatable gas pumps at filling stations pique curiosity and cause customers to stop and come inside. The same can be said for a 25-foot drink cup on your roof or in front of your restaurant. In fact, on average, inflatables increase sales by 17% at quick service restaurants.

Because we understand the unique challenges franchises face, we make special considerations for franchise owners and franchisees. Buying in batches and sharing the inflatables between locations gives you the opportunity to save with bulk pricing.

We will gladly provide franchises with a turnkey system in order to keep that all-important consistency in tact. Each location will receive customized packages including the same installation hardware, and standardized instructions specific to their inflatable. If you would like, we’ll gladly also include customized containers, nationwide installation, and cleaning/repairing packages. For added convenience (once the first inflatable is manufactured) we’ll provide both the shipping weight and dimensions so you’ll know the exact costs for freight.

Rhino Linings, Precision Tune Auto Care, Jackson Hewitt Tax Services and other national franchises repeatedly use Landmark Creations because we understand their special needs and provide a consistent product that performs every, single time.