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Promotional And Mobile Marketing Tours Get Better Results With Inflatables

Experiential marketers have special considerations for all their event marketing. They need to be able to quickly pack and ship their displays. Because inflatables deflate to a flat state and are then rolled up, they are easy to pack and convenient to ship from site to site.

Inflatables Help Mobile Marketing Tours Produce Better Results with Less Effort

Willie Nelson sang about it with passion. If you're always "on the road again" for promotional marketing, "mobile" is probably your middle name. When your weeks are filled with jaunting from one location to the next, you know finding tools that increase results without adding any additional effort to the mix are priceless. That's exactly why inflatables are perfect for mobile marketing tours.

  • Inflatable AirTents – When you need to create a unique brand experience, count on inflatable tents from Landmark Creations. They are perfect as a gathering place or shelter from the weather and make your logo highly visible from long distances.
  • Sports Cages – Everybody loves to test their skills. From tossing footballs to kicking goals, sports activities are always popular for promotional marketing. Mobile? You bet! They inflate and deflate in just seconds.
  • Inflatable Logos – When marketing an advertising event, planning for exposure is vital. Incorporating giant inflatable logos practically guarantees you'll be seen. The professional designers at Landmark Creations make certain the inflatable version of your logo is an exact match with the real thing.
  • Inflatable Mascots – Mascots have always been a memorable marketing tool. Let Landmark make them bigger than life!

Packing and Setup is Easy with Custom Inflatables

For promotional marketing, mobile advertisers love the convenience inflatables bring. Inflating and deflating in just minutes means no long, tiresome installations. Our inflatables are flexible enough to roll and pack into heavyweight bags or plastic boxes for shipping or transport. And, since everything you need is included (blower, tethers, etc.), you're all set to hit the road!