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Creative Outdoor Advertising Balloons Keep All Eyes on You

Whether it's a boating safety drive, parade balloons or a fun back-to-school festival complete with speed-pitch batting cages, you'll find plenty of event marketing tools at Landmark Creations.

When you move your promotions outside, the logistics of practically everything change. That's why specifically choosing outdoor inflatables is vitally important.

Mass-produced, off-the-shelf inflatables seen at hardware stores are generally made for limited, light use. They are not designed for special applications such as rooftop or interactive installations. When your promotion calls for creative outdoor advertising balloons that can stand up to extended use in any application, trust Landmark Creations to design, produce and deliver top-quality inflatables and outdoor signage that are well-suited for exterior uses and exceed your expectations.

Custom-created outdoor inflatables are made to your exact specifications, but some of the more common uses include:

Parade Balloons – This is where creative outdoor advertising balloons can really shine! From adorable mascots to detailed product replicas, you'll be a huge hit.

  • Billboards – Outdoor signage, such as inflatable billboards or logos, are noticeable and practical. Changing your message is simple since banners attach with Velcro.
  • Inflatable Tents – Plug them in, watch them inflate, and you've got an instant, covered gathering place.
  • Sports Cages – Interactive outdoor inflatables are always popular. Basketball tosses, hockey slap shots and soccer goals are just a few of the games that attract long lines.
  • Rooftop Balloons - Cold-air inflatables are an excellent choice for rooftops. Likewise, helium blimps make great outdoor inflatables because these high-flying attention getters attract crowds even in the busiest areas.

Outdoor Inflatables Come Complete

Custom outdoor inflatables from Landmark Creations come complete with everything you need, including blower, tethers and hooks. Flame-retardant materials; durable 7 oz to 18 oz vinyl nylon; UV inhibitors for long-term sun exposure; double-needle, lock-stitched seams for resilience; and artwork ranging from hand-painted to high-resolution graphics are just a few of the many other features we put into all our truly creative outdoor advertising balloons.