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Make Your Parade Bigger Than Life With Inflatable Balloons & Floats

“I love a parade!” Doesn’t everybody? And with inflatable characters and inflatable caricatures, yours will be a parade onlookers will remember for years to come.

Bigger-Than-Life Inflatables Boost Parade Fun & Excitement

Plain and simple: Parades are all about fun! Parade floats, inflatable giant parade balloons and more come together with live bands, famous grand marshals and tons of people to create an atmosphere where only smiles exist. When you’re charged with creating inflatables & parade floats, ideas are as good as gold! Let Landmark Creations help. With over 22 years experience, you’ll find we are a valuable resource for your parade.

Parade Balloons and Floats

Ever seen a polar bear fly? In Landmark’s world of imagination this happens every day! Champions at conceptualizing ideas for parade floats as well as manufacturing giant parade balloons, Landmark Creations inflatables are detailed enough to leave the crowd in awe while durable enough to last year after year.

While Using Helium-filled Inflatables at Your Parade is Always a Hit, Don’t Forget There Are Other Inflatables That Also Contribute to the Excitement Including:

  • Inflatable Mascots – Oftentimes as popular as cartoons, mascots can easily be transformed into parade balloons.
  • Inflatable Costumes – Whether they walk or ride on parade floats, inflatable costumes bring some of our best-loved characters to life.
  • Product Replicas - Talk about a captive audience! All eyes will be on your giant product replicas during the parade. It's brand reinforcement at its best!