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Giant Custom Inflatables are Natural PR Magnets

Why identify your event with an ordinary sign or display when Landmark inflatables are known for drawing free publicity? For cause marketing, product launches or virtually any event that needs press coverage, give reporters something to photograph and the exposure will come rolling in.

Show Them Something Truly Newsworthy… Inflatables Always Make a Big Public Relations Splash!

Television, newspapers, websites - whatever the medium, you can bet a Landmark Creations' inflatable will be your ace in the public relations hole. Why? Because they naturally draw reporters like flies.

Who wouldn't want to show a photo of a giant skunk, Tweety Bird's rear sticking out of a billboard or an 80-foot-long, inflatable colon to their readers? Their enormous uniqueness and ability to pique curiosity land these creative inflatables more public relations coverage than you would normally get with an ordinary sign or display.

The Marketing / Public Relations Power of Inflatables

Promoting a new product? Championing a cause? Landmark has the experience to create custom-made inflatables that are practically guaranteed to garner marketing/public relations attention.

Mobile Marketing- When you take your campaign on the road, make sure to notify the local press that you're coming. Send a personal invitation along with pictures of your inflatable from past events to synch their interest.

Cause Marketing - The media clamor to cover a good cause. Whether it's a press conference, fundraiser, protest or awareness rally; you'll draw bigger crowds of people and reporters when you use inflatables.

Which Inflatable is Best?

We'll be glad to help you decide on which inflatable is the best fit for your marketing / public relations efforts. Choose from:

  • Inflatable Tents - A great shelter and gathering place that's noticeable from long distances. You can even attach banners with interchangeable messages.
  • Cold-Air Inflatables - Ten feet, 20 feet… any size you want. Cold-air inflatables stand tall with a built-in blower that keeps them upright so they continue to draw crowds to your event.
  • Inflatable Arches - Perfect for races and other sporting events. Sponsor banners can also be attached to archways.