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Race Inflatables: From Portable Starting Lines To Mobile Finish Lines, Inflatable Arches Have You Covered

From inflatable pylons used to mark the way, to inflatable start and finish arches and registration tents, Landmark Creations can customize every aspect of your race.

Portable Starting Lines Get Your Race off on the Right Foot

Whether you're hosting a 5K, 10K or full-blown marathon, there are two things your race can't do without- a beginning and an end. Thanks to the flexibility of inflatable arches, using portable starting lines and mobile finish lines gives you an affordable way to kick things off while also promoting sponsors.

In fact, there is an entire lineup of inflatable products that makes setting up for your race easier including:

  • Inflatable Tents - Registration, post-race snacks, sponsor meet & greet… there are many uses for customized tents at racing events.
  • Inflatable Arches - From picture-perfect, mobile finish lines that are press-ready to markers for each leg of a race, inflatable arches are multitasking marvels.
  • Inflatable Pylons - Customizable, fade-resistant and fully brandable for you or your sponsors, inflatable pylons are an excellent addition to your triathlon and other racing events.

Inflatable Arches Make Good Photo Opps

Think about it. When you see a race reported on the news or in a paper, what's the most common item photographed? The start or finish line. Inflatable arches offer a unique way to capture the interest of photographers through unusual shapes and vibrant colors. That's something no metal trellis or ordinary banner can do.

Outfit portable starting lines with branded sponsor banners and advertisers will be highly likely to also gain press coverage from the event. Now that's something worth paying for. In fact, we've had clients tell us that national sponsors didn't take them seriously until they began using inflatable arches.