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Sponsors Get More Product Or Brand Recognition At Events With Giant Custom Inflatables

Looking for clever ideas for sponsorship events? Let Landmark show you how we've helped countless others reach new levels of success. Yours can be next!

Sponsorship Event Marketing with Inflatables Makes a Great Impression

From sporting events to local craft fairs, sponsorship event marketing gives you the opportunity to put your best foot forward at special events. The largest part of event planning revolves around getting your product or brand noticed by those in attendance. That's why it's good to have Landmark Creations as an experienced ally when it comes to making a great impression.

Wherever you go, whatever you sponsor, your event marketing campaigns will be more successful with creative, detailed, custom inflatables. For example:

Races – Sponsoring a race? You can count on all eyes glaring at the start and finish lines. Put yourself in the line of sight during these special events with custom inflatable archways.

  • Tradeshows – Always a mainstay in event planning, trade shows constantly present opportunities to be seen if you can overcome the challenge of being grouped in overcrowded conference centers. Landmark helps you break free from the crowd with eye-catching inflatables.
  • Causes & Charities – Combine cause marketing with event planning and you have a press-worthy occasion. Make the most of the media's presence by giving them something outstanding to photograph: your new Landmark inflatable.
  • Fairs – Sponsoring local craft fairs, charity bazaars, home shows and the like can mean moving your inflatables from one place to the next regularly. That's why quality inflatables from Landmark Creations are a mobile marketing preference. They stand up to constant use and still look great.
  • Sporting Events – Inflatables generate excitement at ball games, swim meets, auto races, boat races and countless other sporting events.