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Custom Inflatables Perform at Stage Productions and Touring Events

For theater, concerts, dance or children's productions; giant props lend imagination and intrigue to your stage productions.

Impress Your Audience with Detailed, Durable Inflatable Stage Props

From Concert / Stage Props to Inflatable Scenery, They're Easy to Use, Ship & Store

Whether it's tracking down a must-have oddity or trying to find just the right craftsman to custom-make what you need, production managers are on a never-ending scavenger hunt. Once you find everything, the battle continues with complicated set up, moving, deconstruction, storage and shipping from location to location. When you're tired of fighting with traditional props, turn to the creative team at Landmark Creations for inflatable concert / stage props and inflatable scenery.

Inflatable Scenery & Stage Props Trump Other Props Hands Down

When was the last time you were able to complete the entire set up process for a 20-foot long cruise ship on stage in less than 15 minutes? And after the performance, did you easily roll it up and neatly place it into a water-resistant bag for storage? When you needed to ship it to another city, was it as simple as placing the bag into a box and sending it on its way? We thought not.

With Inflatable Concert / Stage Props You Get the Benefits Of:


Detailed, Custom Designs - From relatively generic shapes to elaborately detailed reproductions, the highly creative team at Landmark Creations can design whatever you need. You'll be amazed at the lifelike realism of the finished product, including outdoor inflatable scenery, indoor objects, character and other replicas.

Durability - Made from top-quality vinyl and other materials, inflatable stage props from Landmark look great and have a proven track record of consistent quality performance after performance.

Quick Inflation / Deflation - Who needs concert stage props that take hours to set up or tear down? Within a few short minutes, inflatable props are ready to go.

Flexibility of Use - Inflatables don’t have to just sit there. Landmark's inflatables are masters at making quick entrances and exits just as one of our cruise ship replicas did on a famous daytime celebrity's favorite things show recently. They move on and offstage with ease giving you enormous flexibility of use.

Space Conservation - Once deflated, these props are designed to roll neatly into a storage bag until it's time for their next use.

Easy Shipping - Send them on the road without worry. Because they are made of flexible, sturdy vinyl, they are a breeze to pack and ship.

Fun! - Inflatable stage props are a creative way to engage your audience and generate new levels of visual interest in your show.

Industry & Safety Compliance - Having worked to ensure the specific fire, UL and rigging requirements were met for countless customers, we've become quite a resource in this area. Let us know what constraints you face or - if you're unsure - just ask and we'll gladly advise you based on our experience. Rest assured that all inflatable stage props you receive from Landmark Creations will pass inspection.

What's More, Inflatables Go Far Beyond Stage Props

They also accomplish the most important goals of marketing. For years, we've helped concert, theater and TV production managers amaze their audiences with custom-designed, inflatable stage props. Let us do the same for you!