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Inflatables For Special Events Using Themed Visual Marketing And Image Advertising

Themes are a great way to add excitement & creativity to events. Custom inflatables deliver instant, giant visuals to match any imaginable theme.

Coordinating Around A Theme? Inflatables for Special Events Can Match Any Theme You Choose

As a phenomenal tool for visual marketing and image advertising, cold-air inflatables for special events are always a hit. Not only do they quickly become the centerpiece of the festivities, they also are known for frequently landing at least a brief mention on the local news. Add to that the fact that inflatables can be made to match any theme imaginable, and you can easily see why they are well worth the investment.

There are far too many themes to mention them all, but some of the most memorable events where cold air balloons were successfully used for visual marketing or image advertising include:

  • Parades - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day and more can all be extra special with the addition of cold-air balloon inflatables.
  • Sporting Events - Archways at the finish line, giant bowling pins, boxing gloves and more have all been used as inflatables for special events.
  • Fairs & Carnivals - Inflatable tents work wonderfully at outdoor fairs and carnivals and are as easy to set up as a cold-air balloon.
  • Grand Openings - Giant pizzas for Italian restaurants, cowboy boots or sneakers for shoe stores and more. For grand openings of every variety, look to inflatables to add interest and fun to your visual marketing.
  • New Exhibits - Dinosaurs, space aliens or even deep-sea creatures can come to life at museums with a powerful inflatable image. Advertising has never been so fun!
  • Celebrations - Corporate anniversaries or birthdays can be celebrated in style with inflatable cakes (glow in the dark and other varieties) and more.
  • Charity Events - Casino night, ’50s sock hop and other themes can be quickly carried out for your charity event when you add a cold air balloon or other inflatable.

The possibilities are literally endless. Giant inflatable logos, custom inflatable mascots and any other type of custom helium, sealed or cold air inflatables can be made to your specifications to match any theme you've chosen.