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Youth Marketing: Get Inventive Tips On Youth Marketing With Giant Inflatables

Rolling out a new product or brand to college students? Giant inflatables can drastically boost your youth marketing success.

Giant Inflatables Take School Marketing to New Heights

When your target market includes kids from preschool to college, you need a marketing medium that is flexible and alluring to children, tweens and teens. Custom-designed giant inflatables from Landmark Creations give a significant boost to the appeal of your product or service because they add an element of fun to the mix. As an inflatable manufacturer with over 20 years of experience, we've seen what works and what doesn't, and we'll gladly share our vast knowledge about youth marketing with you.

We've seen giant inflatables used at these events (and others) with great success:

  • Fairs & Carnivals - Sports cages and games are always fun at fairs & carnivals. Whether you charge admission or let kids play for free, the branding on your giant inflatables will leave a lasting impression.
  • School Events - Science fairs, school dances, homecomings, proms, pageants and more give you excellent opportunities to get your message before kids and teens.
  • Sporting Events - Have you seen the traffic at football, basketball and other sporting events? Between students, parents and fans of district, high school and college ball, there's little wonder these are favorite places for adult and teen marketing. Let us give you some inside tips - straight from the inflatable manufacturer - on how to get noticed in these huge crowds.
  • Youth Events - Inflatable mascots, product replicas and more make an instant connection with kids and teens. Whether you're marketing in the parking lot of concerts or at a community back-to-school bash, we've got ideas to make your giant inflatables the hit of the event.