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Inflatable Replica Cow Helps Spread a Moo-ving Message

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Inflatable Replica Cow Helps Spread a Moo-ving Message

That's the message proclaimed by World Cow, a Vermont-based global movement promoting worldwide kindness and unity.

To illustrate this unifying theme, World Cow's gifted artists have created an eye-catching avatar: a Holstein dairy cow dotted with bold black spots shaped like the world's continents.

This distinctive "moo-model" is popping up all over the globe, painted by talented street artists on walls, barns, and other spaces.

But World Cow wanted to spread its positive message even further – to public art installations in various locales. Their goal? "To bring joy to everyone," says co-founder DJ Barry.

So, Barry turned to Landmark Creations.

Working closely with Barry, Landmark designed and built a custom inflatable cow.

That's right: a gigantic cow – in fact, the largest mobile cow in the world.

Towering 20 feet high, the colossal cow looks just like World Cow's signature Holstein, complete with all those dramatic continent-shaped spots.

So far, the inflatable replica has been a huge hit everywhere. According to Barry, it has generated "press coverage, improved foot traffic, online social media (buzz), potential viral content in video and photography," and more. People want to rent it, businesses ask to display it, and everyone gets a big kick out of it.

Why did World Cow choose Landmark? Barry says she received a recommendation from a local firm, Town and Concrete. She's thrilled with the results. Landmark is "amazing," she reports, and she's eager to spread the word to other artists and nonprofits.


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β€œThe setup is so easy. We have had event tents and other promotional items in the past that were a nightmare to set up and break down. The inflatable is now the easiest part of the setup, and probably the most identifiable.”

- Vaughan Cutillo, Montauk Brewing Company

"The inflatable arch allows for safe and easy setup and takedown. People have raved about the arch and have made requests to have it at their events."

- Karen Klevesahl, SMET Construction

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