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Sphere Ariana Grande GRAMMYs

This enormous, color changing, inflatable sphere lit the stage during Ariana Grande’s 2020 GRAMMY awards performance.


  • Outer DIMs: H: 25 L: 25 W: 25
  • Weight: 100
  • Pack DIMs: 48" x 48” x 96”
Sphere Ariana Grande GRAMMYs

"[There was] fun, excitement, and encouragement for everyone to actually walk under/through [the arch] and it worked.  We have cheerleaders and small children at the finish line by the arch handing out stickers, saying ‘I did it.’ Before we had the arch, [people] would straggle in anywhere."

- Jackie Allen, March of Dimes

"The Adventure Colon is so rewarding for our organization. Everyone that walks through it is just in awe and learn so much when we guide them through it."

- Oneyda Cuevas, Hope Through Grace, Inc.

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