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Helium Inflatables

Posted in Custom Inflatable Product Types

Helium Advertising Blimp

Are You Looking for Something Different? Helium Inflatable Advertising Balloons Will Cast a Shadow over Your Competitors and Get You to the Top!

All helium inflatables are made from the most durable materials and are designed for easy setup and deflation.

Helium inflatable advertising balloons are constructed of PVC materials and, like the cold-air inflatables, can range in size from 5 feet to 70 feet tall. Each use requires the helium to be replenished.

Inflatable Creative Outdoor Advertising

Since they are filled with helium, these advertising balloons can be mobile and make great inflatable floats for parades, above stadiums or over stores. Helium balloons can also be made with remote controls for use in dropping coupons or freebies into the crowd at sporting or other public events.

Creative outdoor advertising provides a lasting impression of your product and brand for all visitors attending your event. Inflatable advertising balloons, helium blimps and inflatable floats pump up the excitement and get the crowd teeming with spirit and energy.

In Ask Landmark Episode 2, Tom & Stephanie Discuss the Basics of Helium Inflatables

“The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

- David Parker, Pacific Road Runners Club

"I chose Landmark Creations because they had a reasonable price for a customized inflatable. The other inflatables featured on their site made me confident that they could produce exactly what I was looking for."

- Sara Chadeck, KONO 101.1 FM

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