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Uses for Custom Inflatables

Inflatables Offer Imaginative & Successful Promotion Ideas Regardless Where You Use Them

Flexible. Reliable. Attention-getting. Custom inflatables from Landmark Creations may very well be the perfect event marketing tool! From grand openings to parades and trade shows to public appearances, Landmark Creations gives you imaginative promotion ideas for marketing your products and services.

Corporate Events: Planning and Execution is Easy with Inflatables

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Herbalife Inflatable Spheres at Corporate Event

Corporate Events Are More Fun & Fashionable with Inflatables

From team-building exercises to tradeshows, there's a never-ending need for creative event ideas. When you're charged with repeatedly pulling off exceptional corporate events, planning and execution can leave you wishing. Isn't there a solution that's nothing short of brilliant and also easy to plan, simple to execute, and affordable to boot? Sure there is! Enter Landmark Creations.

Generate a Marketing Buzz with Custom Inflatables from Landmark Creations

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Inflatable Kikkoman Mascot for Guerilla Marketing Events

Nothing Creates Marketing Buzz Quite Like Custom Inflatables

Guerilla marketing. Grassroots marketing. Buzz marketing. These terms describe a type of ingenious small-business marketing that relies on using your time, energy and imagination in lieu of unlimited marketing budgets.  When you need to get the biggest bang for your tightly held buck, advertising inflatables are the way to go.

Marketing at Nonprofit and Community Events is More Successful with Inflatables

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Inflatable Magic School Bus at Community Event

Inflatables Build Excitement at Community Events and Wherever Fun Is Found

From fundraisers to festivals and parades to parties, marketing at nonprofit events in your community can have a huge payoff if you do it right. There's a threefold combination for success when marketing in the community. Events have to be relevant to your company.  You have to be visible even in large crowds, and you must have a way to attract attention. One of the smartest tools used at community events that cause attendees to gravitate toward your booth or display is inflatables.

Entertainment Events: Clever, Custom Inflatables for Entertainment Events

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Zumies Inflatable Couch at Entertainment Event

Brand Your Entertainment Events with Custom Inflatables

From awards "after" parties to public relations events to private corporate dinners, entertainment marketing is about more than fun.  It's also about branding. That's why custom inflatables work so well.  Each advertising balloon is designed and produced with your purpose in mind.  From publicity shot backdrops to decorations, Landmark will fill your event with interesting, branded inflatables your attendees will remember.

Franchise Marketing: Custom Inflatables Offer Consistent Messaging for Franchise Marketing

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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inflatable Costume

Overcoming the Most Pressing Challenges of Franchise Marketers

When it comes to franchises, special marketing challenges arise. Two that stand out from the rest are consistency and increasing traffic. One of the most pressing is consistency. As the franchise owner, one of your responsibilities is to ensure every element of every location throughout the chain is the same. From the product to the floor plan to the advertising message being delivered to customers; consistency is key. This is precisely what makes Landmark Creations' inflatables a perfect match for franchises.

Mobile Marketing Tours: Promotional and Mobile Marketing Tours Get Better Results with Inflatables

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Inflatable Cognita Bottle at Outdoor Marketing Tour

Inflatables Help Mobile Marketing Tours Produce Better Results with Less Effort

Willie Nelson sang about it with passion.  If you're always "on the road again" for promotional marketing, "mobile" is probably your middle name.  When your weeks are filled with jaunting from one location to the next, you know finding tools that increase results without adding any additional effort to the mix are priceless.  That's exactly why inflatables are perfect for mobile marketing tours.

Outdoor Advertising: Creative Outdoor Advertising Inflatables and Balloons | Custom Outdoor Signage

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Inflatable Lifejacket at Outdoor Event

Creative Outdoor Advertising Balloons Keep All Eyes on You

When you move your promotions outside, the logistics of practically everything change. That's why specifically choosing outdoor inflatables is vitally important.

Mass-produced, off-the-shelf inflatables seen at hardware stores are generally made for limited, light use. They are not designed for special applications such as rooftop or interactive installations. When your promotion calls for creative outdoor advertising balloons that can stand up to extended use in any application, trust Landmark Creations to design, produce and deliver top-quality inflatables and outdoor signage that are well-suited for exterior uses and exceed your expectations.

"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenge

“Not only have they been extremely impactful, attracting hundreds of potential consumers to our sampling teams, but the ease in which we can install them has been a great help...”

- Bill Gerety, Veryfine Products, Inc.

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